As you embark on new adventures there may be a few bumps in the road, but our dedicated Services Department are here to help as you continue your journey.

We’ll be with you for every step of the way, with highly skilled watchmakers and jewellers on hand to offer trustworthy and professional advice. As soon as your journey begins, we’re right by your side for watch servicing, jewellery repairs and bespoke designs.

Bespoke Design Services

Bespoke Design

Our Bespoke Jewellery Design team are responsible for creating exquisite pieces that are uniquely yours. Our team of in-house designers and goldsmiths are here to help you to bring your visions to life. A bespoke piece of jewellery is so special and is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your jewellery collection, or re-work an heirloom piece.

Each stage is carefully planned and our talented team will ensure that you are part of the magical journey; every step of the way.

Watch Servicing and Repairs Services

Watch Servicing and Repairs

Every watchmaker knows that a luxury timepiece is a truly special gift to receive, every wristwatch has a story to tell and they truly are items that can be treasured forever. However, if you want your timepiece to last a lifetime watch servicing and repairs are something you really should consider.

Our expertise in the art of watchmaking means that servicing and repairs can be entirely tailored to the needs of your timepiece to ensure the promised longevity of Swiss horology. Our Services team are on hand to discuss your needs and give trustworthy and professional advice every time.

Jewellery Repair Services

Jewellery Repairs

While we strive to source only the highest quality of diamonds and precious gemstones, it is a fact of life that with everyday wear, over time, your jewellery may require a little bit of TLC.

With our state of the art in-house Service and Repairs department, our customers have access to highly skilled jewellers to keep their sparkling jewellery in the best possible condition. You can rest assured that your cherished pieces are being looked after in a caring and professional environment.

Valuation Services


Valuations offer you the peace of mind that should anything untoward happen, your treasures and heirlooms are protected. Over time, jewellery and watch values fluctuate, which is why it’s recommended you have your items valued every 3-5 years.

Whether it’s for insurance, probate or resale purposes, jewellery valuation is the best way to ensure your beautiful pieces are kept up to date. Valuation from an expert is the only way to ensure that all the details are correct and accurate.



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