Our Jewellery Designers

Bespoke Jewellery Design by Laings empowers you to explore the deepest corners of your imagination. Each bespoke piece of jewellery we consider a work of art brought to life through the vision of you and a dedicated Laings jewellery designer, who employs years of artistic training to take you through an experience of creation.


"Our Bespoke Designers transform your dreams into wearable art, translating decades of emotion into unique pieces that eternally delight."

Serena Gough, Services Director

Sarah Alexander
Felicity Lynden
Kirsty Berry
Adrien Leroux
Alexs McIlwraith

Expanding on over a century's worth of experience, we mould and shape your bespoke jewellery piece to reflect every facet of your story, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. From the selection of gemstones to every curve of precious metal, you remain at the forefront.

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The Laings difference lies in our unrivalled ability to convey your story in a way that best represents you. Begin your journey with us by booking an appointment, and our client services will discuss everything from inspiration to budget.