Our Cities

Discover the cities home to our showrooms and boutiques Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton, and Cardiff. 


The Laings story first began in Glasgow in 1840, when our founding father James Laing established the family business among the streets of the bustling Merchant City. Then focused on manufacturing clocks and pocket watches from a small workshop in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, over the decades the business expanded to become a nationally recognised destination of fine jewellery and horology. Making a home in various buildings around the city, the Laings name has become synonymous with Glasgow’s history and has been a companion to the city through centuries of change. In the heyday of Glasgow’s famous ship-building era, each vessel would be presented with a piece of bespoke jewellery to bless the voyage. Laings holds the honour of marking many ships with our handcrafted pieces that have cemented our place in Glasgow’s heritage. Today, our name takes herald in the city with multiple locations in the historic Argyll Arcade and the recent announcement of our new flagship showroom in the iconic Rowan House building on Buchanan Street, opening in 2023.


Laings expanded to Edinburgh in 1978, bringing with us a new tier of fine jewellery and timepieces to Scotland’s capital. Our George Street showroom is central to Edinburgh’s shopping scene which thrives amongst the historic architecture and picturesque Edinburgh castle, drawing local and international crowds alike. Known all over the world for its majestic beauty, the city’s backdrop – with its winding streets and curious closes – mirrors the masterful creations of our workshops and comfortably allows our distinctive navy exterior to sit alongside the city’s luxury boutiques. Edinburgh’s creative spirit adds to the flair of our endeavours, with its artistic and contemporary reputation welcoming events like the Fringe Festival and Military Tattoo. With its ever-growing culture and the people it brings with it, Edinburgh is an endless inspiration to Laings designers and artisans.


Home to some of the largest and most luxurious ships, Southampton is known as Britain’s gateway to the world. Southampton is famed for its luscious surroundings, with unique displays of beauty such as the wild horses of New Forest and elegant Ocean Village. In 1995, Laings took the opportunity to expand into England, acquiring renowned family jeweller Parkhouse and Wyatt in Southampton. With similar values to our own, trust and reputation were at the core of Parkhouse’s offering, so much so that we only introduced the Laings name to our Southampton showroom in 2017, marking our place as one national brand. Settling in the city’s largest shopping centre Westquay, Laings accompanies Southampton’s top tailors and eateries, presenting unique gemstones and precious timepieces to a city steeped in sophistication.


Formerly known as Parkhouse, Laings was first introduced to Wales in 2000 with an acquisition that brought a new showroom to Cardiff with even more diamonds, jewellery and covetable timepieces. Welcoming some of the world’s most exclusive brands to Wales, Laings has made home in the St David’s Centre for over two decades, becoming well known for providing both new and returning clientele with a luxury experience second to none. Perhaps the most memorable period in Laings Cardiff’s history, the last few years have seen the large expansion of our showroom and the launch of a new OMEGA showroom adding to our presence within the city. Our family business has continually invested in the traditional crafts of jewellery and watchmaking in the city, safeguarding artisanal skills with bespoke design areas and an on-site watch workshop, which bring new opportunities to the industry in the Welsh capital.