Laings Workshop Ethos

It has been over 180 years since Laings was founded and at the time of its inception every jeweller or workshop was based on craftsmanship. They were started by watchmakers, clockmakers and goldsmiths – by someone at a bench. This is how the story of Laings began. And our vision is to honour this now more than ever. 

We are returning to what a jeweller is at its roots and its rawest form. Reinforcing the craft and skill that makes a jeweller a jeweller and did so over 180 years ago. This is key to our integrity.

“The person who’s passed on the torch to their apprentice creates a skilled bloodline. They pour all their knowledge and energy into their apprentice in the hope they’ll fall in love with the craft as much as they do. Through this love, care and attention, we create the next workshop generation”

Serena Gough, Head of Service

Laings workshops promote an environment for impassioned people to share knowledge, expertise and skill, whilst nurturing and growing the next generation. We combine ancient crafts with youth and modernity, bringing different perspectives together to attract a new wave of talent to join our industry. Referred to as “the skill renaissance” by Richard Laing, the workshops play host to the next generation who will learn crafts from those who have been in the industry for decades, ensuring they are never forgotten.

“The main thing we want to achieve from our workshops is our clients’ trust. We can talk about the pieces as much as we like and be as technical as we can be, but everything ties into trust. We have to take care of each item as if it were our own.”

Serena Gough, Head of Service

Above all, what makes our workshops special is the people. To Laings, it is not only about having the most state-of-the-art spaces. It is about a collective of people, who are all working towards one common goal. It is about the love for skill and learning, and the continuous quest for perfection. Our goldsmiths, stone setters, jewellers and watchmakers are all on that path together, and that is what makes our workshops unique.