The beating heart of our success, the people at Laings are dedicated to nurturing the vision of our founder James Laing. Today, over 180 years on, each individual continues to bring a unique dynamic to our DNA, helping to celebrate our heritage and create exquisite experiences for our clients. The most passionate designers, managers and advisors make up some of our longest serving team members, each driven by the love they have for Laings.


"Accompanying life’s most cherished moments, I truly treasure what I do. Since starting my journey in 1982, I have played a part in building on Laings esteemed history that celebrates the past, present, and future of our family business. Over the years I have gathered a great appreciation of our beautiful pieces, learning largely from the wonderful teams that I work with. Beginning in Glasgow at our small Renfield Street showroom, my journey started over 40 years ago.

I have been a part of so many special occasions in my client's lives.

Now based in the city’s flagship store I have been a part of so many special occasions in my client's lives. Honouring love, family, friendship and even just the beauty of every day, I have the pleasure of complimenting such celebrations with the world’s finest jewellery and timepieces, combined with working alongside such great and knowledgeable people makes what I do truly worthwhile, and I couldn’t ask for more than that."


"My career at Laings has been characterised by my progression. Beginning in 1995 in the watch department of our Glasgow store, I have advanced through advisory and management roles now settling as the lead of our customer service team. Joining the head office e-commerce department during the height of the pandemic I took on the team of two advisors at the time. Fast forward and we are now a team of ten, taking care of all things customer service at Laings.

Each team is encouraged to reach for the stars.

Here we value employee growth above all else, I always say skills can be taught, attitude not so much and my personal journey is a display of the incredible development opportunities on offer. Each team is encouraged to reach for the stars, if there is something we want we are encouraged to go out and get it, that is everything from training to trying new roles, and for me, that is what makes Laings truly special."


"I have been bringing some of Laings client’s most unique imaginations to life for over three decades. As the lead designer of the bespoke team, it is my responsibility to create jewellery dedicated to each individual desire.

I find real joy in crafting a design legacy at Laings. 

With extensive experience gained through my years, one of my biggest passions is the work I do mentoring our younger team members. I find it invigorating to tap into my past design knowledge and pass it on to the next generation, it is so nice to see similar values and passion to my own and I am always looking to grow our bespoke service into something bigger. Allowing me to revisit earlier chapters of my career, I find real joy in crafting a design legacy at Laings, it is truly rewarding to not only grow individually but as a team too."