The 175 Necklace

The 175 necklace is one of our finest pieces of jewellery, embodying our legacy of passion and love, passed down through six generations.

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of Laings, the Laing family fulfilled their ambition to create an astonishing, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery to commemorate a milestone in their history. Through years of conversation leading up to the anniversary, Laings dreamt up a design that would embody our philosophy and demonstrate the finest craftsmanship of our workshops, the beating heart of Laings. The design would become known as The 175 Necklace. Rich in Celtic influences and encrusted with diamonds, The 175 Necklace honoured Laings Scottish legacy and the generations of the family that came before it. To this day, The 175 Necklace is one of our proudest creations and is the embodiment of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of jewellery design

The Inspiration

Although the necklace was designed to celebrate the anniversary of Laings as a company, the influence for its aesthetic came from the most loved ladies of the Laing family. Those daughters, granddaughters, wives and sisters inspired the necklace, which symbolises each of their individual personalities and is intertwined with their love for one another. With overlapping knots of diamonds and angular metal twists, the design also drew on Celtic inspiration to honour Laings history in Scotland. This decision was taken so the masterpiece could transcend time, becoming neither historic nor modern, but forever timeless

Image caption: 175 Necklace Sketches


“It had to capture the key elements of the Laings style – originality, simplicity and free-flowing beauty.”

Sarah Alexander, Lead Designer at Laings shared that “We knew the necklace had to be dramatic and dynamic to reflect the depth of Laings history. The design pays homage to Laings and its deeply engrained Scottish roots with Celtic elements, ornate details and curved lines which are reminiscent of historical jewellery, but with a contemporary edge. It truly does embody all elements of Laings – the modern, the classic and the elegant”


Taking nearly a full year to create, The 175 Necklace was crafted by our five most experienced specialists, who combined ancient skill with modern innovations throughout the process. This never-ending pursuit of perfection meant the necklace spent over six months in our workshops, with each of the 447 diamonds meticulously set by hand. The back of the necklace was also finished with a sapphire clasp, to provide an elegant counterbalance for 360 degrees of captivation.