Balancing a charismatic soul with fearless inner strength, Wendy lights up the room with her radiance. The bold silhouette of fancy cut diamonds harmonises with the subtlety of a fine tapered band to encapsulate the spirited personality of the modern woman.

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an icon of undeniable allure and fearless inner strength

Contemporary | Charismatic | Alluring

The exquisite rings featured in the Wendy collection capture the enchantment of every diamond nestled within. Gracefully adorned with finely tapered bands, they elegantly grace the finger, effortlessly guiding your gaze to the captivating allure of each radiant gem. Concealed within the setting of each ring is a subtle yet distinctive 'W', placing the diamond at the forefront of the design. Choose from a mesmerising array of cuts, ensuring a personalised touch to complement the inherent beauty of each stone.

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