Laings carefully selects brands to partner with based on mutual respect for craft and artistry. It is only through these shared values can we forge the meaningful relationships required to bring the best of collaboration to you. Together, we create unforgettable experiences and moments of indulgence that last a lifetime. 

"With our history rooted in craftsmanship and artistry, Laings carefully collaborates with brands that share the same values and dedication at their core. We rarely find brands like this, but when we do, what a special relationship it is."

Richard Laing, Sales Director



Founded one year before Laings in 1839, The Dalmore has been a pioneer in the art of whisky creation for over 150 years. The Dalmore is recognised for its sumptuous and layered whisky of legendary finesse, alongside its iconic stag-designed bottle that exudes the best in Scotland’s sophistication. Richard Paterson, Master Distiller, has been at the helm of The Dalmore throughout the latest chapter in its story, where for over five decades he has become renowned in the world of whisky for his philosophy and creativity. It is these values of heritage, skill and innovation that spoke to Laings and is why we are privileged to call The Dalmore not only our Scottish neighbour but our partner and friend.

Discover the taste of Scotland at all Laings cities, where we proudly present The Dalmore 12 Years Old to clients for moments of indulgence. 



'It's all about Love’ is Lanson’s defining principle, which is dedicated to the labour of love to create its revered champagne – a process mastered since 1760 – and the happiness felt when toasting with the ones you care about, no matter how significant the occasion. This manifesto and the emblems of Lanson that symbolise openness, kindness and hospitality reflect the experience of Laings. Together, Laings and Lanson seal some of the most precious moments of achievement and love, with champagne from a house with a shared passion for creating treasured memories.