Jewellery Repairs

Diamonds aren't all we do here at Laings. Once you have made your special purchase we are with you every step of the way for the years that follow to ensure your precious fine jewellery stays in the best condition possible. While we strive to source only the highest quality of diamonds and precious gemstones, it is a fact of life that with everyday wear, over time your jewellery may require a little bit of TLC.

Thanks to our family background, we understand the difference an in-house Service & Repair Department makes to our customers.  To us, having instant access to highly skilled jewellers is an essential part of our business. As jewellery designers and makers, we appreciate just how much skill and expertise goes into every piece and the importance of keeping it in the best possible condition.

Not only does this help us provide a truly tailored experience, our customers can relax knowing that their cherished jewellery and timepieces are being looked after in a caring and professional environment.

Depending on the nature of your repair, timescales may vary but Laings aim to carry out your repair using the shortest time possible as we understand how important the pieces are to our customers.

You need to know that your jewellery is safe, secure and in the best possible hands, and we can guarantee that with Laings. With a little regular maintenance and professional preservation, you can safeguard your treasured heirloom for generations to come.

To find out more about our on-site jewellery Service & Repair Department you can call a member of the Laings team. Find your nearest store here.