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Bespoke Jewellery Design allows you to craft truly individual pieces. Every creation is personal and exudes a unique character that is enhanced by its one-off design and craftsmanship. Our Design Team and Goldsmiths are here to help you to bring these special pieces to life. The team can help you create an exquisite engagement ring, filled with personal touches in the ultimate romantic gesture. Alternatively, they can adapt heirloom jewellery, carrying on the emotional significance of a piece, with a transformed look. Each stage of the design process is carefully planned and thought-out to suit the individual piece, our talented team will ensure you are part of the magical journey; every step of the way.

Step One

Visit our showrooms, and meet our talented design team located in four locations throughout the UK: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton and Cardiff.

The Bespoke Design process always starts with an initial discussion with one of our designers about what you are looking to create. It’s the perfect opportunity to look at the inspiration behind your piece, including any photographs, magazine clippings, screenshots etc. If you’re looking to adapt an heirloom piece or any existing jewellery, into the new design we can also get a feel for them. At this stage, we will also discuss the budget.

Once we have a clear idea of requirements, your designer will build on the details and sketch a variety of designs, presenting you with several different options to ensure we achieve the perfect piece for you. Some models will be created in 3D form using CAD (Computer-Aided Design).

Step Two

When you have selected the final design, your designer will source stones for you to choose from, ensuring that each gem is hand-picked to complement your piece perfectly. Examining each stone closely allows the team to secure the very best gems for your personal piece of jewellery. They will also finalise the intricate design details, to create a high-quality and beautiful piece from every angle.

At this stage, we create mounts or 3D printed wax models of the design.

Step Three

All the carefully created designs arrive with our in-house goldsmiths, who are tasked with bringing your design to life.

Our in-house goldsmith will set the stones and create your finalised piece. Depending on your design, this can take several hours and they will handcraft intricate elements to meet your final bespoke design specifications.

The Final Stage

Your designer will invite you to our showroom to present you with your beautiful bespoke design in our comfortable surroundings. You will have an opportunity to try on your new piece of jewellery to ensure it meets your requirements. 

If you are happy with the piece, you can take your unique design and handcrafted piece of jewellery home to wear and enjoy for many years to come.

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