Watchmaking is a rare skill, that over time has become scarce. It requires a great deal of attention to detail, tiny adjustments, knowledge and judgement that can only be carried out by highly trained people. Whether that's travelling far and wide to hone their craft, or humble beginnings inspired by a wealth of family knowledge, we're proud to be in the company of each of our highly skilled workshop team.

Thomas Lohse, Senior Watchmaker

"Originally a carpenter, I trained at the Glashutte Original Watchmaking School, graduating in 2006 with the German Watchmaking and WOSTEP certificates. I joined Laings in August 2022, and have become a mentor to new watchmakers and technicians joining the Laings Service Centre. Vintage and complicated watches catch my eye - there's a story in every timepiece waiting to be uncovered".

Annika Leppala, Watchmaker

"For me, watches are little puzzles that need solving. I trained at the Finnish School of Watchmaking, graduating in 2021 and joined Laings a year later. We have a very special team in the workshop, so it's a delight to come to work every morning. My heart lies with vintage watches; seeing the life they've had and I often wonder what the watch has seen over time. If only they could talk!".

Robert Quin, Watchmaker

"When visiting Gdansk on holiday I heard about the restoration of one of their historical clocks which led me down a rabbit hole of horological career options, taking me to fine watchmaking. I like the honesty of watchmaking; things either work or they don't and it's down to you to identify and correct any faults. To take a broken machine and return it to a state of both running smoothly and looking great takes a wide variety of skills and it feels good when it all comes together.".

Omri Nahmias, Watchmaker

"To put it simply; I love watches. I knew I wanted to become a watchmaker and studied at the British School of Watchmaking, graduating in 2022. Laings felt like a natural progression, plus their outstanding commitment to their people is second to none. I enjoy servicing watches, Rolex in particular and during my time with Laings I have been graced with a wide variety of different brands".

Blair Ellis, Apprentice Watchmaker

"As a watch collector for over 10 years, I started at Laings working in both the Glasgow and Edinburgh showrooms specifically with Rolex and OMEGA watches. In the workshop the team have helped a great deal with teaching, training and any other pointers. The environment is nice and relaxed, which is perfect for focusing on what's in front of you whilst the feeling of satisfaction finishing a timepiece is one that never expires".

"Our workshops are home to a team of watchmakers, polishers, watch technicians and final quality control who have specialised in horology, allowing them to truly understand precision timepieces."

Serena Gough, Services Director

Taras Tysiachnyi, Watch Polisher

"I have accumulated many years of polishing experience in Ukraine and when I came to Scotland to work with Laings, I was mentored by the Lead Watchmaker – a 43-year veteran and expert in all things Rolex. From there, I successfully completed Rolex Level 40 polishing accreditation at their training facility in London. I enjoy working alongside such a fantastic team of Watchmakers and Technicians, hearing about their experiences in the world of watchmaking".

Ashleigh Scally, Trainee Watch Technician

"I started as a Service Coordinator first at Laings which introduced me to a wide range of watches, all with different mechanics and functions. Eventually, I wanted to experience the heart of a watch, learning what each part does to make the watch tick. With the support and encouragement from our Lead Watchmaker, I am now in the position of Trainee Watch Technician. The sense of accomplishment you gain once you have dismantled a watch and built it back together in working order never seems to go away!".

Howard Liley, Workshop Manager

"Prior to joining Laings, my professional experience had spanned from teaching English Language and Linguistics in China to working in supply chain operations in the UK, all while maintaining a keen interest in horology. My specialist skill is systems/workflow development; creating applications and processes that ultimately give the best possible experience to our clients. I love interacting with our watchmakers and seeing all of the fantastic timepieces they get to work on – I am constantly in awe of the dexterity and skill of watchmakers and feel very proud to be able to work alongside them".

Susan Gill, Final Quality Control Technician

"I started as a Service Coordinator in 2022, handling a wide variety of luxury timepieces and seeing their incredible transformation during their service. I come from a jewellery background, completing my honours degree in Jewellery and Metal Design at Duncan of Jordanstone in 2013. The workshop is an incredibly unique and positive environment, and working alongside the team has provided insight into the precision and meticulous attention to detail involved at all stages of servicing. It's very rewarding being able to provide support at the final stages of the journey, knowing the client will be thrilled to receive their treasured timepiece back after all final quality control checks are completed".

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