Heralding excellence, the world’s most intricate processes of examination, design, and service are engrained in Laings personnel by nurturing their natural talent with extensive training and development. Handling fine jewellery and Swiss timepieces requires precision knowledge and attention to detail, which can only be gained through a dedication to the pursuit of excellence. Laings instils this tenacious quest for knowledge throughout our people, inspired by the educational and skilled feats of James Laing, our founding father, who pushed the boundaries of learning for his time.



“I had always known I wanted to be a goldsmith and was willing to do whatever it took to behold the title. Although I completed a degree in jewellery design, I didn’t feel it gave me the skill set that would allow me entry to goldsmithing – I needed to learn first-hand from those already established. My journey at Laings started in 2016 in the services department, six months later I moved to the Edinburgh workshop ...

... learning from the experts on how to polish, grave, set, solder and more, developing my expertise as time went on.

While I largely learnt from those around me, I recently took a trip to Antwerp for a three-month course in an optical diamond setting, allowing me to gain rare teachings in stone setting. I now possess skills that are hard to come by in Scottish goldsmithing. What I love about my job is that no matter how much you know, there’s always something to learn – it’s so special that Laings has a dedicated department to pursuing such treasured techniques.”



"My career in Laings began four years ago, prior to that I had five years jewellery and watch experience. However, no company before has invested as much time, training and commitment to my development and career until I joined Laings Cardiff ...

During my time at Laings, I’ve been lucky enough to do my JET qualification and had the honour of attending Chopard's own workshops in the heart of Geneva.

I never truly understood the amount of work that goes into a timepiece until I stepped into Chopard’s workshops and met dedicated watchmakers, each specialising in their own aspect of various parts that make up each handcrafted timepiece. I also got to see how Chopard manufactures its gold and how each design goes through rigorous stages of perfecting before the final design is then crafted.”



“I started in the industry at 18 and my passion has only deepened since. My love is in gemstones, their individuality and unique rareness are what makes them so special. Exotic origins and complex compositions add to the intrigue, taking years of intense examination to reveal their truest potential. I have had the pleasure of learning from the industry’s experts and the best training I’ve ever received was visiting the International Gemmological Institute in the world diamond capital, Antwerp.

Here you discover gemstones in a depth and detail that is unmatched.

I'd studied gemstone inclusions for so long already but this training allowed me to learn exactly what they are, what they mean, and how they affect the overall quality of a stone. The opportunity to look at unique gemstones under a microscope and now being able to tell a gem’s origin from its inclusions is extraordinary.”