Long ago in a small rustic workshop in Glasgow, James Laing founded what would go on to become one of the longest standing jewellers in the United Kingdom. James dreamt of a life dedicated to craft and artistry, where skill would endure the everchanging landscape around him. And thus, Laings was born.
The generations of the Laing family that followed drew on James’ vision, crafting elegant fine jewellery collections that embodied style through every era. Each member of the Laing family was an avid collector of gemstones, travelling the globe to bring the most coveted jewels to their fine jewellery creations. These pieces were the work of Laings rare crafts, combined with the influences of Scotland’s architecture and sculptural scenery.
Discover the story of Laings through our three pillars Heritage, Craftsmanship and Expertise below.


The Laings name has been defined by its creative spirit since 1840. James Laing, the founding father of Laings, established the brand on the innate principles of artistry and craftsmanship. Equipped with skills in horology and the art of goldsmithing, James produced clocks and watches for the local community and high-society figures of time. James’ unwavering commitment to craft is the heritage that Laings proudly honours today and has forged our path to becoming a British institution of jewellery and watchmaking.  

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At the heart of Laings is the crafts that go into creating our forever loved pieces of jewellery. Laings is the home of jewellery designers, goldsmiths and watchmakers in artisan workshops that hold a historic atmosphere of creativity. A place where the enduring passion for handcrafting fine jewellery lives on, with the artisans paying homage to the storied house of design in Glasgow where Laings originally began. For over 180 years we have celebrated these crafts and continue to invest in their future, safeguarding them for the generations to come.

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To guide our clients through the jewellery and watch journey, Laings informs and inspires with our expert knowledge. Underpinned by our Learning Philosophy, Laings individuals are educated in the centuries of skill and craft behind each piece. With opportunities to travel throughout Europe to see everything from the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, to the home of Swiss watches, Geneva, this expertise is gained from real world experience, and it is our privilege to bring this expertise to you.

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