*Valuation Day*

Don't miss our valuation day 27th November 2019 within our Edinbugh Flasgship store between 12-3pm  

If you wish to make a booking please contact services@laingsuk.com


Valuations offer you the peace of mind that should anything untoward happen, your treasures and heirlooms are protected. With every Laing's purchase we can provide you with the necessary valuation documents for insurance companies. These cover all of the jewellery collections and watches we stock.

Over time, jewellery and watch values fluctuate which is why it's recommended you have your items valued every three to five years.  At Laings we are delighted to be able to offer an in-house valuation service. Our Valuer and Gemologist, Sammantha Maclachlan IRV96816 MIRV FGA PJDip CPAA is a member of the National Association of Jeweller's Institute of Registered Valuers, giving you peace of mind that your valuation is handled professionally and to the highest standard. 

£95 for the 1 item and £70 for each subsequent item thereafter. 

At all times your jewellery or watch will be fully insured while in our possession. To discuss a valuation in more depth, you can contact Sammantha below:

Contact Sammantha MacLachlan

Tel: 0141 221 7199 Email: valuations@laingsuk.com


Anyone who has had to replace lost, stolen or damaged jewellery will tell you that it can be an emotional time. Many find that insurance companies give conflicting advice or worse, push their customers to only use their preferred advisers. While we hope that you never have to replace a special piece of jewellery or family heirloom it’s worth remembering that an insurance company cannot force you to use specific suppliers.

If this unfortunate situation ever arises, come and see us at Laings and we will do all we can to replace what you have lost. If your piece was bespoke, our in-house jewellers can design a replacement that mirrors the original.

To find out more about our insurance service and how we can help you, speak to our expert team! Find your closest store here