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FOPE Jewellery

Renowned Italian brand FOPE started off specialising in watch straps fast becoming a supplier to Switzerland’s biggest watchmaking brands. Fast forward some 90 years later, FOPE has the status of an international brand by channelling its vast expertise into making its gold jewellery collections in Vicenza, Italy.
Today Laings are proud to display a selection of pieces from collections featuring the iconic Novecento mesh and Flex’it, the ground-breaking invention which has become a signature feature of the brand’s beautiful jewellery lines.

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Fope Collection


The Panorama collection embodies a true celebration of the understated luxury which FOPE has always championed. The 18 carat gold mesh features the signature Novecento style, resulting in a wider and finer chain that provides an unexpectedly new feel on the skin.

Flexible bracelets and rings, necklaces and earrings make Panorama a fantastic enhancement to FOPE’s offering. The set of gold bars added to each piece of the suite varies in number and carat weight, while they all guarantee enough sparkle for everyone’s taste.

Explore the Fope Panorama Collection

FOPE Flex'it Range

Timeless Design

FOPE is the only jewellery brand to be able to craft flexible bracelets that are solely made of 18 carat gold, thus Flex’it is a unique concept in the jewellery world. FOPE is renowned for their innovative jewellery pieces and have been leaders in creating ground-breaking inventions. Right from the very beginning, they had a flair for experimentation and the way they combine technology with centuries-old craftsmanship is unique, allowing them to invent ever-new ways of interpreting Italian style.


Explore FOPE’s Pledge to Carbon Neutrality

FOPE’s creations and internal processes have long been inspired by the highest quality and ethical commitments. The idea of entrepreneurial responsibility represents a fundamental value shared by all generations of the family business. Today more than ever, the international brand commands utmost dedication to sustainable practices and choices, constantly striving to improve.


Flex'it Elegance and Comfort

The most successful and innovative creation of the FOPE brand is Flex’it.

Invented by the second generation of the owning family and perfected in the early 2000s, the original Flex’it system features dozens of tiny 18ct gold springs masterfully hidden between the gold mesh links. The resulting bracelets and rings are elegant and comfortable, while they represent a brand new way to wear your jewellery around the clock.