Diamonds have long been the world’s most prized gemstones, cut to reveal optimal beauty, there are many possibilities when it comes to shape. One of the most graceful styles is the pear cut. Said to symbolise tears of joy, let’s take a closer look at its beauty as well as how you can incorporate it into your jewellery collection.

Created in 15th century Belgium by Louis Van Berquem, the pear cut combines two of the most popular gemstone cuts, the marquise and the round brilliant, for a beautifully romantic style that can be set in multiple ways for sophisticated yet simple design. Most commonly used in a solitaire, where the centre stonxe commands full focus, or in a trilogy where it can be set with additional gems, the radiating elegance of the pear cut is truly mesmerising.

Pear Cut engagement ring

The Platinum Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring epitomises simplicity and sophistication. Presented on a delicately tapered band, the pear cut takes centre stage for an effortlessly elegant style that creates captivating reflections of fire and brilliance.

Pear Cut Trilogy ring

The Platinum Three Stone Oval and Pear Cut Diamond Ring showcases the delicate framing capabilities of this shape diamonds. Gently angled to embrace the centre stone, the pear shape elongates the style.

There is question around the correct way to wear the pear cut and the truth is ultimately down to personal preference. Many say that if you wear it with the tip pointing up like a falling teardrop, it will lengthen your finger to create an elegant look. It can also be worn in a more practical manner with the tip down, so it doesn’t catch during day-to-day wear.

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