Lockdown has certainly come with its challenges, but what if you’d been planning on proposing this year? At Laings we believe that cherished memories can still happen, and you never know these special moments can be even more romantic at home. Here are our top Lockdown Proposal Ideas for anyone looking for inspiration.

‘Will you marry me?’ is one of the most romantic questions that you will ever ask, and just because we’re all at home, doesn’t mean that these amazing proposals can’t happen. Perhaps you’ve decided to isolate together and realised you never want to be apart. Or maybe you’d been planning an extravagant proposal, but 2020 had other plans. Just because your proposal has to happen at home doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, you never know it could be even more special than your original idea.

Lockdown Proposal

These are our Top Ten Lockdown Proposal Ideas to help you create a memory to truly treasure. Remember – don’t stop sparkling!

1 – The Holiday Proposal

Perhaps you’d been planning to propose on a romantic getaway that’s no longer happening, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t escape. Set the scene and re-create your holiday by cooking a meal from the country that you were supposed to visit, play local music, and why not learn to say ‘will you marry me?’ in the local language. Just remember to translate!

2 – Keep it Simple

Sometimes the simplest proposals are the best. Make breakfast in bed and add a note with that special question to the tray. Or enjoy a glass of champagne whilst watching the sunset in the garden.

3 – Your Journey Together

Print out photos of your relationship right from the very beginning and decorate your home with a romantic timeline. Walk her through each image, describing why it’s special to you. Make the last image a simple question mark, and create a new photo of you down on one knee to add to your timeline.

Lockdown Proposal

4 – A Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt proposal will always go down well. Leave clues all over your home, making them as funny, cryptic or as romantic as you like. Just make sure that the last clue leads her to you.

5 – Enjoy Some Fresh Air

Walking or running together has become a daily routine for many couples. Head to one of your favourite views or a gorgeous spot in the park, pause a moment and take them by surprise with a beautiful proposal.

6 – Game Night

Have you been getting through lockdown with plenty of board games to keep you busy? Invite your other half for a game of scrabble, but have ‘Marry Me’ already written out. If jigsaws are more your thing you can order custom puzzles online and watch as they piece together a special message.

7 – A Candle-Lit Dinner

Romantic dinners have been the backdrop for hundreds of proposals throughout history, and this is one thing that doesn’t have to change! Set up your own restaurant at home. Light candles, play some relaxing music, you could even create a menu with their favourite dishes.

Engagement ring and diamond jewellery on model

8 – Love Letters

The post arriving is now a highlight of the day for many people, so why not send a letter. There’s nothing more romantic or nostalgic than a beautifully written love letter. Just make sure you’re there when the post arrives and waiting on one knee when they reach the end.

9 – The Quiz Master

Pub quizzes have gone viral, and if you and your other half find yourself on a zoom quiz most weekends why not surprise her with the million-dollar question. Get your friends involved, they could host rounds with questions about your relationship. At the end, you’ll be left to ask the final and most important winning question.

10 – Your Furry Friend

For a really adorable proposal, it’s a good idea to get a furry friend involved. Attach a note to your dog or cat’s collar or hang a ‘Marry Me?’ sign around their neck and wait for them to notice.

At Laings we’ve been part countless proposals over the years and we love hearing everyone’s stories. This hasn’t changed in lockdown and in some ways, there are more romantic moments than ever before.  If you’re thinking of asking that all important question we can help you to find the perfect engagement ring for a dazzling proposal.



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