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23rd May 2023

20 Years of Mentoring the Great Artists of Tomorrow

Rolex is celebrating 20 years of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, part of the brand’s longstanding commitment to global arts and culture.

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20 Years of Mentoring the Great Artists of Tomorrow

Rolex is celebrating 20 years of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, part of the brand’s longstanding commitment to global arts and culture.

23rd May 2023

Laings Guide to Wearing Diamonds Every Day: Diamond Rings, Pendants and Earrings

There is a certain joy to wearing diamonds every day. These beautiful gemstones are so versatile in their nature, they can be adapted into a range of designs and enjoyed elegantly every day. Our guide to wearing diamonds every day features a curation of pieces perfect for adding a touch of grace to your style.

15th May 2023

Regal Reading: The Coronation Crowns

As an exciting weekend approaches, we prepare to celebrate King Charles III and his wife Queen Consort Camilla being crowned the King and Queen of the United Kingdom at their coronation ceremony on Saturday. We look back at the fascinating history of the coronation crowns that will feature on the big day.

4th May 2023

Adore the Opulence of Emeralds this Spring

Emeralds are admired all over the world for their graceful and enchanting charm. Dating back as far as 330BC, the gemstones are securely nestled in the antique luxury of the past, with beautiful pieces that evoke imagination of lore and legend. Here we look at the beginnings of emeralds, as well as some of our favourite pieces from the Laings collection.

3rd May 2023

A Guide to Emeralds and Their Care

With complex and intricate properties, there are many factors to consider before choosing an emerald for your engagement ring and everyday wear. Laings are on hand to guide you through this fascinating gemstone, exploring why we must treasure them with the greatest care.

3rd May 2023


A milestone in watchmaking history, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust was the first self-winding waterproof chronometer wristwatch to display the date in a window at 3 o’clock on the dial. These numbers are a reminder that though 24 hours mark a day, it’s on us to make those a date to remember.

26th April 2023

Lab-Grown at Laings – A Guide to Our Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Introducing Lab-Grown at Laings, a curation of laboratory-grown diamonds that harnesses the powers of the latest technology to deliver the highest quality laboratory-grown diamonds you can find. The collection opens up the world of fine jewellery, inviting more people to experience the beauty and enchantment of diamonds.

11th April 2023

Evolving Watchmaking Artistry: Patek Philippe at Watches and Wonders 2023

Patek Philippe unveils its 2023 collection, reimagining legendary collections and demonstrating unparalleled watchmaking artistry in a series of Travel Time watches, Haute Joaillerie timepieces and contemporary reinventions of its most signature collections.

3rd April 2023

The Challenge of Excellence: Rolex at Watches and Wonders 2023

With its latest creations, Rolex demonstrates its perpetual pursuit of excellence. An ever-present challenge manifested in the brand’s ambition to perfect every component, question every method, and master every aspect of watchmaking expertise.

27th March 2023

A Celebration of the Bold: Explore TAG Heuer at Watches and Wonders 2023

TAG Heuer is famed for its high-precision timing innovations that have kept pace with the evolution of sport since 1860. Anchored by deep rooted affiliations in the world of racing, golf, and diving, the brand continues to revolutionise contemporary watchmaking. TAG Heuer’s 2023 Watches and Wonders releases are a celebration of the bold, with new collections of classic models perfectly capturing the fearless spirit of the watchmaker.

27th March 2023

A New Dawn for the Cartier Tank at Watches and Wonders 2023

We would call it a comeback, but the truth is it has never been missing. The Cartier Tank’s place in culture and style has only strengthened over the 100 plus years since its inception and nobody seems to know this more than Cartier itself, evident through the way it anchors its 2023 collection. Granted Cartier has also released updates to collections such as the Santos-Dumont and Santos, which we will get onto later, but the Tank is the star of this show.

27th March 2023

Paving the Way to the Future by Paying Homage to its Past: Discover TUDOR at Watches and Wonders 2023

Expanding on its existing collections of excellence TUDOR has released five new variations of its classic models in a 2023 Watches and Wonders launch that paves the way towards its future by paying homage to its past.

27th March 2023

A Tribute to Adventures: Explore the Longines Spirit Flyback

Longines continues its legacy of creating timepieces destined for explorers, with the launch of the new Longines Spirit Flyback. Fit to conquer air, sea and land, the collection embodies the Maison’s pioneering spirit in a concentration of what its timepieces have to offer – history, technological innovation and esteemed design. A Journey Through Time In […]

24th March 2023

A Voyage Into the World of Rolex

Hans Wilsdorf was firmly convinced of a person’s ability to innovate and strive for excellence. More than 100 years after the creation of the brand, the founder’s philosophy is more present than ever, from the manufacturing of the company’s watches to its commitments worldwide.

23rd March 2023

Curating Your Travel Jewellery Box

As seasons change and holidays are on the horizon, we take a look at curating your travel jewellery box. Choosing which jewellery to take on your travels can be a difficult decision, with storage, safekeeping, different climates and outfits to consider. It is always a great idea to plan ahead and avoid the stresses of last-minute packing!

20th March 2023

The Best High Jewellery Looks from the 2023 Oscars

A showcase of Hollywood’s finest, the Academy Awards celebrates the best performances from the Silver screen and is always a night to remember, with this year no exception. Guests were welcomed with a champagne carpet that delivered some of the best high fashion looks in the most glorious occasion of style. The night was accessorised with exquisite jewellery where we saw sparkling stones and contemporary designs bring awe-inspiring glamour to each ensemble.

13th March 2023

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Laings

Celebrating the talents and achievements of incredible people all over the world, International Women’s Day is one filled with appreciation and gratitude.

8th March 2023

Discover Inherent Majesty with Chopard’s Alpine Eagle Watch Collection

Contemporary, refined, and assertive, the Chopard Alpine Eagle was inspired by the Alps and the imperious strength of the majestic eagle. Finding exceptionality in its movement and fine details, the collection is a testament to the excellence of Chopard watchmaking and beauty of our earth.

6th March 2023