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Exploring the Intricacies of the Patek Philippe Ref. 4947/1A Timepiece

Introduced in 2021 as a watch to suit every wrist, Patek Philippe’s Ref. 4947/1A made its impact in watchmaking as a sophisticated timepiece whose versatility instilled its place as a true classic. Its sleek and refined aesthetic hosts fascinating innovations in a never-before-seen amalgamation of complications and design. Discover more as Laings unveils the intricacies of this elegant timepiece.

Patek Philippe’s Ref. 4947/1A created a sensation upon its initial debut, offering for the first time an Annual Calendar in a round Calatrava-type polished steel case in a refined 38mm diameter. Patek Philippe was the first to introduce the Annual Calendar mechanism, a true testament to the brand’s innovation. The complication, which was introduced and patented in 1996, requires only one manual correction per year and is renowned for its useful and convenient properties. In the Ref. 4947/1A, we see it hosted in a whole new way.

The intricate detailing of this timepiece makes it even more special, showcasing a night blue dial with a horizontal and vertical satin finish. This unique design feature is achieved with great care and precision, ensuring every bristle of the brush is exactly the same length and is applied with exquisite care. The end result is impeccable, with the finish resembling the crisp sheen of Shantung silk. The pair of subsidiary dials, clearly denoting the day and month, are positioned with exquisite grace just above the extremely accurate moon-phase display. This sophisticated arrangement is complemented by the elegant framing of gold applied Arabic numerals and leaf-shaped white gold hands, resulting in a vision of unparalleled beauty.

Featuring a 38mm diameter, the Ref. 4947/1A is meticulously designed to cater to every individual. Its polished bezel and seamlessly integrated bracelet emanate sophistication and style. With five rows of impeccably polished links, the bracelet is equipped with a patented fold-over clasp secured by four independent catches, ensuring a secure and sleek fit.

Laings proudly showcases Patek Philippe in Glasgow, Southampton and Cardiff. Experience the exquisite Ref. 4947/1A in-store, where our knowledgeable experts await to guide you through this exceptional timepiece and unveil a world of breathtaking innovations.

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