There is a certain joy to wearing diamonds every day. These beautiful gemstones are so versatile in their nature, they can be adapted into a range of designs and enjoyed elegantly every day. Our guide to wearing diamonds every day features a curation of pieces perfect for adding a touch of grace to your style.

Diamonds are beautiful gemstones that spark moments of joy, acting as a reminder of treasured moments. For this very reason alone you should enjoy wearing your diamonds every day. Diamonds are the ultimate jewellery staple with Laings presenting a range of elegant designs that add a subtle touch of luxury.

Diamond Rings

Diamond rings aren’t always associated with engagement rings, they often represent special milestones and celebrations in our lives. Beautiful rings are also a fashion favourite of the moment and anything from a statement-making dress ring to a simple diamond band is bound to score you sartorial points.

Diamond floral ring

Allow subtle design elements to shape your look with the platinum floral inspired diamond ring. Round brilliant diamonds are united with floral inspiration in this spirited design. Delicately arranged, the cluster of diamonds creates an illusion of the petals of a blossoming flower. This beautiful dress ring is perfect for radiating an everyday elegant look, with an impactful yet graceful presence.

An eternity ring is the ultimate accompaniment to your look, always radiating sparkle while remaining classic and subtly elegant. Eternity rings can be worn to accompany your engagement and wedding rings, or also as a right hand ring. No matter where it is worn, eternity rings will remain forever sentimental and undeniably radiant.

Diamond eternity ring

Diamond Earrings

A gorgeous pair of diamond earrings will add the finishing touch to your style and truly are a jewellery must-have. They are a timeless staple that will never go out of fashion. The elegance of diamonds will also match any look and can be worn again and again.

Diamond stud earrings are a piece that you will never tire of wearing. Beautifully brilliant diamonds will dance with the light as you move, making for the perfect delicate addition to your everyday style. Diamond stud earrings like these can be worn countless times, and will always be admired.

Diamond earrings

Go from day to night with your diamonds with glamourous diamond drop earrings. The perfect diamond drops will a touch of drama to your look, taking centre stage as they drape below the ear.

Diamond drop earrings

Diamond Necklaces

A diamond necklace or pendant can easily become part of your everyday ensemble, with a sparkling and versatile range of pieces available. From simple solitaire pendants to extravagant diamond necklets, each piece elevates your style with its alluring appeal. A diamond pendant is perfect for any daytime occasion, elegantly dropping below the neck to create a subtle sparkle. Elevate this with a diamond necklet, the full sweep of diamonds creating an eye-catching yet elegant look.

Diamond necklaces



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