There are no rules when it comes to engagement rings and more and more brides-to-be are picking out their own glittering rings. For so many couples, this takes the stress out of the process and it can be a really wonderful experience together. So why should you think about choosing your engagement ring?

The traditional story of your other half, bent down on one knee presenting a glittering ring in a box is a vision that rom-coms are built on. However, what we don’t see is, what can be, the overwhelming experience of buying the ring, or what happens if it just wasn’t the ring that the leading lady was dreaming of.

Choosing your own engagement ring is becoming a much more popular route to go down and often the first question asked to a newly engaged couple is ‘did you choose the ring yourself?’. Here we look at why choosing your own engagement ring might just be the best option for you…

Choosing Your Own Engagement Ring


Buying an engagement ring can be a complicated and complex process. It’s a financial investment that they’re conscious of getting right. If you know that your other half may feel overwhelmed by what can be a stressful time, why not offer to shop together, taking the pressure off.


Choosing your engagement ring together can be something really exciting to share, beginning your journey to married life together. Making this decision as one creates an emotional bond and in fact only adds to the romance, creating some beautiful memories that you’ll both treasure.


Your engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that you’re going to wear forever so it’s important that you absolutely love it. You may have a really specific idea about what you want and a particular personal style that you would like your ring to match. On the other hand, you may have no idea at all! There’s such a huge variety of rings out there in all kinds of styles and by taking time to try them on you’ll find the design that best suits you.

Choosing Your Own Engagement Ring


Another option for anyone looking for a really unique ring is to create a bespoke design. You may have been dreaming of something that really reflects you and a bespoke creation is a wonderful journey to go on together. Perhaps you have an heirloom piece that you’d like to re-work into a new design and being involved in this process helps to carry on the emotional sentiment, creating the next chapter of a romantic story.


Just because you’re choosing your own engagement ring doesn’t mean that the element of surprise has to disappear. Your other half could still propose with a ‘dummy ring’, or no ring at all, with the promise that you’ll choose something sparkling together. Chances are that you’ve spoken about getting engaged before the proposal happens – so why not pick out the ring too! Although the ring won’t be a surprise, the when, where and how can definitely still be.



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