Buying a Diamond

1477 was the year the first diamond was given as a symbol of love. Today, they still have all the virtues which make them the ultimate symbol of love, appreciation and commitment.

As a 6th generation family jeweller, we’ve learnt a lot about diamonds over these 170 years. Each and every diamond is hand selected by Michael Laing OBE and his son Richard.

Rather than relying on a diamond broker in the UK, we cut out the middle man and select our diamonds in Antwerp, The Diamond Capital of the world. Our in-store diamond specialists have years of training and experience and can talk you through the buying process, helping you to make the perfect choice.

Above all things, buying a diamond should be fun. We buy from the best Antwerp diamond cutters and set the diamonds into our bespoke settings. As we buy directly from the cutters and manufacture most of our rings ourselves, we guarantee the best diamond for your budget. We search for diamonds that are much more than just their certificate and in doing so we reject over 97% of those we select from.

A Laings diamond is chosen for its brilliance, fire and above all its sparkle.

We only every buy diamonds that have been through the Kimberley Process, which ensures that they are ethically sourced and conflict free.

Diamonds in our other collections also go through strict quality control and must meet our strict "Laings" diamond standards as we believe our customers deserve only the most beautiful diamonds.

To learn more about diamonds and selecting the right one for you, we have both a Diamond Buying Guide and a Video to help navigate you through the 4 C's of diamonds.

Click here to read our Diamond Buying Guide.