Your Guide to Buying a Diamond

1477 was the year the first diamond was given as a symbol of love. Today, they still have all the virtues which make them the most authentic symbol of love, appreciation and commitment.

Established in 1840 and as a 6th generation family jeweller, we have learnt a lot about diamonds and truly understand the uniqueness of each diamond and the rarity of the love it represents. This is why we only proudly present the most beautiful diamonds to our customers.

The beauty of a Laings diamond is defined by its brilliance, fire and above all its’ sparkle. To find such beautiful diamonds that qualify as a Laings diamond, each of them must go through our strict quality control in place and meet our Laings criteria before making it to our stores.

Our diamond-buying procedure at Laings ensures that all diamonds are not only beautiful but also ethical and natural. As one of the most rare and precious gemstones in the world, we make sure that our diamonds do not carry any negativity and are conflict-free by undergoing the Kimberley Process which eliminates conflict diamonds from the global supply chain.

The preciousness of a genuine diamond stems from its journey from pure carbon transforming into the world’s strongest organic substance. While this is a long and complex process, it is completely natural without any human manipulation and only occurs where and when it is “just right”.

To learn more about diamonds we have a Diamond Buying Guide here  to help you select the one for you.