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The Iconic Cartier Shapes

Since Cartier began to unveil its first timepieces in 1853, the Maison has distinguished itself through its unique silhouettes. Throughout its rich history, Cartier remained ever evolving with innovative design at the forefront of its watchmaking, all while staying faithful to the shapes of timeless classics that underpinned Cartier as pioneers in watchmaking.

The Watchmaker of Shapes

Cartier is a watchmaker of forms, beginning the journey of a timepiece with its design and crafting sophisticated ergonomics that fit to its perfect shape. Cartier watches rely on four main principles of creation: the purity of line, the accuracy of the shape, the precision of proportions and the precious details. These principles are what has made Cartier watches some of the most instantly recognisable timepieces in the world.

Rectangle Shape

Cartier shape rectangular

One of watchmaking’s most heralded designs, the Cartier Tank is unmistakable in its elegant and precise silhouette. The striking symmetry and pure lines are inspired by the design of a military tank from above, mimicking the form of the tracks in the brancards, and the vehicles cabin in the case. Cartier took ownership of the rectangular watch with the introduction of the Cartier Tank, with watch aficionados still associating the shape with Tank timepieces over a century after its introduction.

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Square Shape

Cartier shape square

Cartier established itself as a trailblazer in watchmaking design, opposing the traditional round case and introducing the bold square shape to the world. The Santos de Cartier was imagined in 1904 under this principle and took its design further by featuring screws around the case which are traditionally hidden in watchmaking. Another iconic square shape was born in the Panthère de Cartier collection, the ultimate jewellery watch. Embodying elegance and fluidity, Panthère timepieces are distinguished by their distinct bracelet and refined dainty square shaped case.

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Round Shape

Cartier shape round

Cartier takes on the traditional round shaped case and reimagines it to create a series of innovations which would go on to become signatures of the Maison. The Ballon Bleu de Cartier brought volume to roundness in its domed front and back and continues to embody the round shape in its design with the blue bubble crown protected by a metal hoop. Cartier’s contemporary Pasha series and elegant Ronde timepieces demonstrate the beauty of Cartier rounded shapes, challenging tradition while remaining timeless.

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