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Ring Stacking Guide

Stacking rings have become an increasingly popular jewellery styling choice over the last few years. Stacking your rings is a great way to simultaneously wear several of your favourite pieces to elevate your look. Discover our ring stacking guide for our top tips on how to beautifully layer your pieces.

How to stack rings

The prospect of stacking your rings can seem daunting if this isn't something you do often. However, many of us stack our rings every day without even thinking about it with an engagement and wedding ring stack. A popular third addition to this stack is an eternity ring. Stacking rings is subjective – don't get too caught up on the latest trending jewellery. Instead, consider how to wear your favourite pieces together to create a versatile jewellery wardrobe. The perfect ring stack will usually consist of an eternity-style diamond, gemstone, or precious metal ring, paired with a diamond or gemstone solitaire ring. This pattern can be repeated across your fingers to achieve a truly mesmerising appeal.

How to wear stacked rings

When it comes to styling your jewellery stack, there is a wide variety of options. A classic choice among jewellery lovers is a precious metal and diamond ring stack, allowing both pieces to contrast beautifully with one another. The beautiful simplicity of a precious metal band allows for your diamond to stand out. Gemstone and diamond stacks also make for a beautiful choice. Incorporate your favourite colours into your everyday jewellery looks with a simple gemstone stacking ring in a multitude of colours. Layering multiple gemstone rings is particularly effective in summer and spring, complemented beautifully by the warm golden hues of the sun. Or opt for a contemporary jewellery stack with mixed metals, a look that has taken the fashion world by storm. Mix your precious metals for a fun stack that allows you to wear all your favourite pieces at the same time.

How to stack an emerald cut ring 

There is a common misconception that non-round stones can be challenging to stack. If you wish to stack a solitaire of any kind, simply pair it with a ring that will complement the cut. For example, an emerald cut ring would create a beautiful everyday stack with a simple diamond or gemstone half eternity ring. Alternatively, to create a bolder look, try stacking your emerald cut solitaire with an emerald cut eternity ring for a truly dazzling evening look. Experiment with different textures and metals, such as FOPE Novecento mesh rings, to achieve a contemporary ring stack.

Which finger do you wear a stacking ring?

Stacking rings sit beautifully on several fingers. Most people tend to wear them on the same fingers you would place your dress rings on. Stacking rings can be worn on both hands, this includes on your ring finger, middle finger, or index finger. Most people like to leave a gap between fingers if wearing several ring stacks at once. Your stacking rings can truly be worn on any finger to achieve your desired look, and it is always a good idea to try them on different fingers before choosing which size to buy.

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