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OMEGA Watch Buying Guide

OMEGA has been setting records for precision and making technological breakthroughs since 1848. Committed to innovation and quality, their watchmaking expertise and unique Co-Axial movement alongside their appointment as official timekeeper to the Olympic Games, makes them the team to beat in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Here, we guide you through the collections to help you decide which OMEGA timepiece is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

OMEGA Seamaster

Known for its combination of durability and style, the OMEGA Seamaster is the longest running production model from OMEGA and has become a legendary name in the watchmaking world. The OMEGA Seamaster was first created in 1948 and went on to become one of the most celebrated watches in underwater history. Revered by generations of divers, the watch has been heralded for its ingenious high-pressure water-proofing system and safety features, quickly establishing itself as the choice for explorers of the sea. Each piece has a remarkably distinctive look and impressive technology, allowing you to capture the spirit of the ocean. The iconic Seamaster Diver 300m and the Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer were inspired by people working under the waves of a high-pressure work environment. This makes the Seamaster perfect for the lover of water sports as well as an everyday work watch – combining classic style with unwavering durability.

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OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra

The Seamaster Aqua Terra is a clean, simple, and balanced collection that provides the perfect harmony between sophistication and a bold ocean spirit. Whilst being smart and sporty in the same breath the design elements, such as teak concept dials with vertical or horizontal lines, recall the wooden decks of luxury boats and life on the waves. This collection offers an incredible choice of looks for watch lovers with timepieces that are just as at home on dry land as they are on the open sea. The collection turned heads when it launched its new Aqua Terra Shades collection in 2022 featuring vibrant sun brushed dials that are beautiful in summer light. Perfect for the modern and fun watch lover.

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OMEGA Speedmaster

The OMEGA Speedmaster carries a legacy with its name. Derived from the Greek word for speed, it is here we see the tachymeter scale born. The tachymeter scale of the Speedmaster, used to measure speed or distance, was the first to appear on the bezel of any watch in the world. The sought-after OMEGA Speedmaster collection features a range of sub-categories including the iconic Moonwatch, Two Counters and Speedmaster 38, and has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame. The Speedmaster proved to be NASA’s timepiece of choice and was the first watch to be worn on the moon during the famous lunar landing of 1969, cementing OMEGA’s place both in watchmaking records and world events. Explore the remarkable collection of wristwatches that allow you to become part of incredible moments in history. Embodying the essence of the explorer through its history, the OMEGA Speedmaster is perfect for those seeking adventure in their lives.

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OMEGA De Ville

Refined elegance lives within the De Ville collection, here OMEGA demonstrates its capability of creating masterpieces for all occasions. The OMEGA De Ville collection offers a wide range of classic designs paired with inspiration from the modern world. The collection was born out of a desire to blend contemporary styling and retro touches with diverse movements, features and exquisite materials. The result? Technical elegance blended with sleek design presented in a collection of beautiful dress watches. The perfect everyday timepieces for the stylish watch lover. OMEGA’s De Ville Prestige watches have become one of the brand’s most popular watch collections with their unique designs and classic flair, proving that a minimal aesthetic can deliver maximum impact. A classic collection with a timeless appeal, the De Ville Prestige is a watch that is designed to enchant. Graced with bold and colourful designs, the De Ville Tresor collection embraces sophistication with a completemporary flare.

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OMEGA Constellation

The OMEGA Constellation collection is instantly recognisable by its elegant design, unique bracelet, and classic dial. The collection was re-designed in 2009, attracting a whole new generation of Constellation wearers with its iconic look. Acting as a symbol of unrivalled precision and beauty in watchmaking, it is an exquisite timepiece to dress up or down. The Constellation Globemaster collection embodies the high-performance sports elements from OMEGA’s other watches and transpose them into more style-focused timepieces. Sun blushed blues and meteorite style cues emerge throughout the shimmering Constellation Manhattan collection, combining precision engineering with unqiue design.

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Your Warranty

OMEGA watches purchased from Laings follows suit with OMEGA’s 5-year warranty scheme on timepieces purchased from 1st July 2018. You can speak to our experts to find out more information on your OMEGA Warranty.

Purchasing an OMEGA Timepiece: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase an OMEGA watch from Laings?

You can purchase an OMEGA timepiece in-store or book an appointment at our Edinburgh Showroom and OMEGA Showroom in Cardiff. You can shop all the collections online at

Where are OMEGA watches made?

All OMEGA watches are manufactured in Switzerland.

Who wears an OMEGA Seamaster?

The partnership between James Bond and OMEGA watches goes back more than 25 years, to Pierce Brosnan’s debut as 007 in 1995’s GoldenEye. The Seamaster watch was worn in several James Bond films and made its first diving record in 1955 when it reached a depth of 62.5m. Its legacy continues to live on today and is synonymous with professional diving.

How often do OMEGA watches need to be serviced?

It is recommended you have your OMEGA watch serviced between 4-5 years. Though there is no official, definitive timescale as no one can predict what wear the timepiece will be subject to. The importance of maintenance services should not be overlooked. Each Service (Maintenance and Complete) comes with a 2-year manufacturing warranty.

Explore our collection of OMEGA watches, whether starting your watch journey or adding to a growing collection, there is a perfect timepiece for everyone.