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Lab-Grown at Laings – A Guide to Our Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Introducing Lab-Grown at Laings, a curation of laboratory-grown diamonds that harnesses the powers of the latest technology to deliver the highest quality laboratory-grown diamonds you can find. The collection opens up the world of fine jewellery, inviting more people to experience the beauty and enchantment of diamonds.

Committed to ensuring each of our diamonds hold exceptional brilliance and allure, lab-grown diamonds at Laings are certified with D-F colour and at least VS2 clarity. To learn more about the importance of colour and clarity in diamonds, read our guide to the 4cs.

On hand to take you through the collection are our Laings experts, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the creation of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Lab grown trilogy ring

What is a laboratory-grown diamond?

Laboratory-grown diamonds (commonly referred to as lab grown diamonds) are diamonds produced in a controlled environment using technology that replicates the natural diamond process. These are also sometimes referred to as man-made or created diamonds.

How are laboratory-grown diamonds made?

Laboratory-grown diamonds are created within a laboratory setting that mimics the natural process and develops diamonds in a matter of weeks as opposed to over many years. There are two methods used to create laboratory-grown diamonds: CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) and HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature).

Are laboratory-grown diamonds good value?

Laboratory-grown diamonds open up the possibilities when it comes to finding your perfect diamond. The Lab-Grown at Laings collection allows you to choose from large and high-quality diamonds at accessible prices. Our carefully curated collection aims to provide everyone with the chance to find their dream diamond piece.

Lab grown diamond pendant

Are laboratory-grown diamonds certified?

All Laings laboratory-grown diamonds are certified, with the certificate clearly stating that they are laboratory grown and not a natural product. The corresponding stone will be laser inscribed with the word “LAB” alongside the certification number in a size invisible to the naked eye.

Can you tell the difference between a laboratory-grown and a natural diamond?

The naked eye is unable to identify  the difference between a laboratory-grown and a natural diamond. A trained gemologist or gemologist laboratory, however, would be able to identify the origin of the diamond. Specialist equipment is now widely used across the industry to ensure the origin of diamonds within jewellery products can be determined.

Where to buy laboratory-grown diamonds?

Laings has a selection of laboratory-grown engagement rings and jewellery available to buy online. Our experts are on-hand to answer your questions and help you on your journey to finding the perfect piece.

Discover laboratory-grown diamonds at Laings.

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