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Wendy collection

Growth, originality, community, and strength stand as pillars of the family unit. As time treads on, these values remain unchanged, marking a core piece of our culture and what it means to be a family. At Laings, the family values are echoed through every piece of our work standing as a constant source of inspiration. We are delighted to reintroduce the Family Collection, reimagined in our latest campaign to capture the essence of each member and their unique design.

Spanning six generations, the Laings family have long been icons of innovation and creativity. Crafting a fine legacy of luxury expertise, each piece of Laings jewellery is lovingly curated and designed. 

The Family collection was born from inspired ideas of the ladies of the Laing family, boasting a range of different designs, each infused with character and individuality. Each magnificent diamond within the Family Collection exudes its own distinct allure, upholding the tradition of Richard Laing's meticulous diamond selection process.


Esme is a timeless tale of feminine beauty. Fluid and delicate, the sparkling collection is characterised by an intertwining crossover setting. Esme demonstrates a delicate dance of elegance featuring a suspended diamond and a graceful, tapered band. The Esme collection is made up of a selection of beautiful pendants, rings and earrings. Available in various precious metals suited to any preference. 


An emblem of sophisticated grace, Suzanne is striking and refined. A stunning interplay of contemporary and classic, the six-claw setting showcases each diamond with assurance. Its knife-edge style maximises the focus on the exquisite centre stone, effortlessly shining with immaculate poise. The Suzanne selection contains rings, pendants and earrings. A dazzling range perfect for gifting or building a full jewellery wardrobe.  


Anna encapsulates the identity of the dreamer. A modern-day fairytale, the Anna collection features empowering designs of a solitaire diamond decorated by a statement halo. Each piece is elevated with an additional hidden diamond, representing Anna’s luminous beauty and undeniable glamour. Anna's statement style is curated in the form of earrings, rings and pendants.


Isabella represents the creative free-spirited character. This playful energy is encapsulated in an intricate twist setting marking the collection with a distinct creativity. Unexpected and ambitious, the Isabella collection distils rhythm into every piece. Isabella is gracefully exhibited in timeless rings, earrings and pendants.


Balancing a charismatic soul with fearless inner strength, Wendy lights up the room with her radiance. The bold silhouette of fancy-cut diamonds harmonises with the subtlety of a fine tapered band to encapsulate the spirited personality of the modern woman.

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