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Choosing a Wedding Band for your Engagement Ring

Your wedding band is a symbol of your marriage and represents love and unity. A piece of jewellery that you will cherish forever, so choosing it is one of the most important steps in your forever journey. Explore our tips for choosing your wedding ring.

The first wedding band can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, and today they are an important symbol filled with emotional significance. This is a significant emblem that you will wear for the rest of your life, so allow yourself time to choose the perfect band for you. Find something that reflects your style and personality, and that you’ll enjoy wearing every day after the wedding.

Follow our top tips for choosing the perfect wedding band.

Make a Day of It

Why not make a day of it when you’re shopping for your wedding rings? The bride-to-be often misses out on the engagement ring shopping, and this is a great way for her to enjoy a luxurious shopping experience. Enjoy a glass of Lanson champagne in the showroom and allow the Laings team into your journey, sharing stories of the romantic proposal and the progress of your wedding planning so far.

Choose Your Metal

Choosing your metal is a good point to start when looking at wedding rings. We recommend that you opt for the same metal as your engagement ring. This means that they will wear together, keeping the same appearance as time goes on. You could opt for platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold wedding bands.Wedding Bands

Think of Style

It’s important to think about the style that you would like. A plain band exudes a classic and traditional feeling, whereas diamond wedding bands instil an additional touch of sparkle. You could also go for something completely unique. From twisted bands and intricate details, there are more style options than you can imagine.

The Groom's Ring

For many gents, this is the first piece of jewellery they have ever worn, so it is not uncommon to spend more time exploring their likes and dislikes. Take time to discover the different designs and how the ring sits on your finger. Grooms are similarly not limited by choice. There are the classic and simple bands, but now there are also a variety of designs available, from engraved patterns, grooves and a mixture of metals.

Gents wedding bands

Matching Wedding Bands

'His and Hers wedding bands' are a popular choice with bride and grooms. This look can be created simply by opting for the same metal, enhancing a traditional and classic feel. However, when tastes in metal differ, wedding bands can be united in the romantic act of personal engraving. Concealed on the inside of the band, wedding rings can be engraved with anything that is special to you as a couple. Choose the date of the wedding, each other’s initials or the day you first met and the rings will be wedded in that sentiment forever.

Creating the Perfect Pair

Your wedding ring should be the perfect complement to your engagement ring, creating a beautiful pairing. Be sure to wear each ring alongside the other when trying on wedding bands, envisioning the pair that will adorn your left hand for a lifetime. For engagement rings with unique and complex settings, there are an array of shaped wedding rings to suit different stone cuts and designs.

Try on an Array of Rings

With a plethora of styles to choose from, selecting a wedding ring can be a process of trial and error. Allow yourself time to try on several wedding bands, and discover the differences and small details that can create the biggest impact. Enter this journey with an open-mind and try on different options to find the best one for you.

Go Bespoke

If you are envisioning a particular design, or would like your unique engagement ring to be nestled in a perfect to match wedding band, bespoke design is a beautiful option. This opens up the realms of possibility, and allows you to create a design that incorporates part of your love story, includes an heirloom stone or simply suits a more unusual engagement ring.

Think of your Timeline

Wedding rings are crafted from scratch for you, so allow yourself time to make your choice and wait for them to arrive in the showroom. Classic wedding bands take less time to create than diamond set and intricate designs, so visit the showroom 3-6 months before your big day to allow yourself time to make the perfect choice and try the rings on when they arrive in the showroom.


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