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All About Diamonds: 12 Engagement Cuts and Styles

Begin the next chapter of your love story with Laings handcrafted engagement rings. An engagement ring not only encapsulates your own love story but is richly symbolic. When selecting the perfect ring it’s important to consider the cut and style you would like. Here we take a closer look at our 12 beautiful choices to create your memories to cherish forever.


Round Brilliant Cut 

The timeless round brilliant cut is often referred to as the ideal cut. Classic and elegant in its appearance, this cut is perfect for creating a look that will forever stand the test of time. Marcel Tolkowsky is famed for inventing the round brilliant cut in 1919. Tolkowsky published a specification sheet of the ideal angles of facets on a round cut diamond, producing the celebrated cut. A brilliant cut is seen to resemble two pyramids placed base to base, intended to enhance the gem's sparkle with the least possible sacrifice in carat weight. The round brilliant diamond shape has 57 facets comprising 33 facets on the crown and 25 on the pavilion.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut draws its name from the traditional method used to cut emerald gemstones after mining. This method was created around the 1500s and used to prevent chipping and breakage in the cutting process. Emerald cut diamonds can make your fingers appear longer and slimmer. With an art deco shape, the emerald cut engagement ring represents decadence, passion, and romance. The step cut has long been admired for its rectangular shape and refined feel. Many emerald cut diamond rings have a unique, vintage style. However, the cut is truly versatile, and our carefully curated collection also features styles that have a wonderful, contemporary look for the modern bride.

Pear Cut

Closely tied to the development of diamond polishing, the pear cut was invented by famed Flemish diamond cutter Lodewyk van Bercken, who transformed how diamonds were cut through the invention of the diamond polishing wheel. Van Bercken created his pear cut diamond with 58 facets which remains the standard all these centuries later. Also known as the teardrop, the pear cut engagement ring blends the best of the round brilliant and marquise cuts to create a graceful shape that tapers to a distinctive point. Faceted to show off its brilliance, light dances through the shape, amplifying the sparkle of the diamond. Designed to flatter, it can be worn in a variety of styles and is a striking choice.

Princess Cut

The princess cut emerged in the 1960s and has its basis in the 15th century French cut, which was used to create square or rectangular stones with a cross pattern visible in the crown. Compared to the French cut, the princess cut engagement ring has more facets which gives it much more sparkle. A princess cut diamond typically has 57 facets – 21 on the crown, 4 on the girdle and 33 on the pavilion. The princess cut is often mistaken for the cushion cut, however princess cut has sharp edges with parallel lines to create the perfect square shape, whereas the cushion cut has softer, rounder corners. The princess cut is a choice that truly does make dreams come true. Its angular lines have a more modern appearance and the contemporary image that it creates is both feminine and enduring. Designed to enhance light distribution, it radiates breath-taking amounts of fire and sparkle. It is a remarkable diamond available in a range of magnificent styles.

Radiant Cut

In 1977, Henry Grossbard designed the radiant cut with the goal of combining the best elements of the emerald cut and the round brilliant cut into one diamond cut after working for 30 years as a master diamond cutter. His idea was to feature the long, elegant shape of an emerald cut with the many fiery facets of the round brilliant cut. The radiant cut engagement ring is a flawless combination. It has the fire of a round brilliant diamond and the graceful elegance of an emerald cut, the perfect choice for anyone looking for an angular shape, with extra sparkle. The stunning cut looks beautiful set in an array of styles and will exude outstanding brilliance when set in any metal. The radiant cut is especially beautiful when set in three stone rings, as the diamonds can sit flush alongside one another in the setting.

Oval Cut

The modern ideal oval cut we commonly see wasn’t created until 1957, when a Russian-born diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan invented it. Oval cut diamonds are named for their elongated shape and large surface area and are cut in brilliant style. They have 58 facets, giving them slightly more sparkle than most other fancy cuts. The oval cut engagement ring provides a modern alternative to the round brilliant cut, exuding the same beauty and sparkle but in its own unique way. Acting as a modern twist on the classic style, they have their own individual charm that is undeniable. The distinctive shape elongates and flatters the hand and is perfect for anyone looking to make a timeless yet elegantly incredible statement.

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut engagement ring holds a fascinating history behind its design. In France during the 18th century, King Luis XV ordered that a diamond be cut in such a way that would resemble the lips of his lover, the Marquise de Pompadour. The cut that came from this demand is now known as the Marquise cut, after its namesake and muse. Jewellers sometimes refer to this cut as a Navette cut. The best way to describe a Marquise cut stone is a stone that is oval shaped with points on the ends. Rings set with Marquise cut diamonds make the finger appear slender, as a marquise cut ring maximises its carat by giving the appearance of a long diamond surface area.

Cushion Cut

The modern-day cushion cut diamond is reminiscent of an early brilliant cut now called the old mine cut. This cut dates to the 1700s and was named during diamond mining in Brazil as this was the most resourceful cut to maximise on the shape of rough diamond from this area. This term was used until the 1900s. Modern day cushion brilliant cut diamonds are square or square-rectangular shapes with curved sides and either rounded or pointed corners. The beautiful cushion cut engagement ring is the modern answer to the old mine cut diamond of a bygone era. This enchanting cut creates a pillow-shaped diamond that gives the diamond ring a vintage look, whilst remaining classic and elegant. The refined diamond is one that tells a love story that is unique as your own and is a wonderful token of everlasting commitment.



Three Stone

The three stone engagement ring, or trilogy ring, is the perfect symbol of your journey together representing your past, present, and future. This style features a trio of spectacular diamonds or gemstones beautifully presented side-by-side. With the ability to mix the shape of stones and add a touch of colour, the three-stone ring is a versatile piece, great for those looking for something a little bit different. This beloved style is a stand-out piece that radiates opulence and elegance. Another truly romantic choice filled with sentiment that is unique to you.


With a sparkling history, the halo can be traced back as early as the Georgian era. A halo-style engagement ring features a vibrant circle of smaller diamonds framing the centre stone. The style is amongst the most popular with brides-to-be due to its dazzling appearance. The halo can be partnered with diamond shoulders for a magical and striking look or a plain band for a simple and elegant feel. With an extensive range of styles available, each halo is completely unique. Perfect for creating the ultimate sparkle, the halo is the dream ring for those who want a little extra glamour.


A classic and timeless design that will never go out of style, the solitaire engagement ring features a single diamond or gemstone set into a ring. It exudes undeniable elegance and sophistication showcasing the true splendour of a diamond. Despite the simplicity of the design, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to picking the perfect piece. The solitaire can be crafted in a range of metals and a beautiful array of settings to suit any individual style.  A design which transcends trends and creates a lasting look of understated luxury, the single-stone ring is the perfect way to make an elegant statement. The style has truly stood the test of time.

Diamond Shoulders

Adorned with rows of glittering gems, diamond shoulders create an engagement ring that has an undeniable sparkle and brilliance. The diamond shoulders often frame the centre stone and are perfect if you’re looking for a classic ring, with a modern and dazzling twist. Their elegant and fashionable feel complements the overall design of the ring, and within our collection, you’ll find this stunning choice available in a range of styles. Diamond shoulders rings are versatile and can be paired with a diamond set or simple metal wedding band.

Vintage Inspired

Vintage-inspired designs hold the secrets of romances from bygone eras, creating a timeless appeal that is as enduring as your own love story. For those looking to create a classic, yet unique look with their engagement ring, our range of vintage-inspired engagement rings are perfect. Whilst remaining luxurious and exquisite, they encompass a timeless elegance that makes them incredibly special for the wearer. Vintage inspired engagement rings are the perfect token of sentiment for the ‘old romantic’ couple taking the next step in their journey together.

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