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Adore the Opulence of Emeralds this Spring

Believed in ancient Greece and Rome to be a powerful gem, the emerald is symbolic of rebirth, love and fertility. Their exquisite green colour is reminiscent of spring renewal, truly divine, radiating opulence and allure.

Emeralds are admired all over the world for their graceful and enchanting charm. Dating back as far as 330BC, the gemstones are securely nestled in the antique luxury of the past, with beautiful pieces that evoke imagination of lore and legend. Here we look at the beginnings of emeralds, as well as some of our favourite pieces from the Laings collection.

Historic Beginnings

The soft colour of emeralds has long soothed souls and excited imaginations. The name ‘emerald’ is derived from the Greek ‘smaragdus’, meaning green gem. This later became the Latin esmaurde and in the 16th century esmeralde in ancient times representing vitality, new beginnings and the spring season. The Romans dedicated the gem to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, while the Greeks used it to honour Aphrodite and fertility.

Cleopatra Emeralds

The Egyptians also held the stone in high regard. Cleopatra claimed one of the earliest emerald mines, becoming famous for her fascination for the precious stone and using it in her royal adornments. The ancient associations with emeralds continue through evolution of the new world and the middle ages, prized for their ability to foretell the future and affirm eternal youth.

May Birthstone

The most famous member of the Beryl family, the emerald is the beautiful birthstone of May. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite emerald pieces from the collection at Laings.

Emerald Jewellery

For delicate decadence designed to thrill, pair the 18ct White Gold Emerald Diamond Pendant and 18ct White Gold Diamond and Emerald Drop Earrings. Emerald pear shaped gemstones complement exquisite white diamonds for a fusion of colour that is simply luxurious. These pieces can be worn together or individually for an enchanting display of opulence.


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