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A Spotlight on Sapphire Engagement Rings

September’s captivating birthstone, sapphire epitomises elegance and vibrancy. Believed to symbolise faithfulness, sincerity, nobility and truth, sapphires are known to signify eternal commitment, making them a romantic choice for engagement rings.

The History Of Sapphires

Growing in popularity since the Middle Ages, the sapphire is influential to many cultures and religions. The Greeks adopted sapphires as a source of guidance when consulting the oracle whereas Hindus have often used it in times of worship. It was even once believed by ancient Persians that the earth rested on Sapphire, being the reason that the sky was blue.

Laings Sapphire Jewellery Collection. Pictured: bracelet, earrings, ring and necklace.

Notably, the sapphire truly solidified itself as a staple of engagement history in 1981 with the debut of Princess Diana’s stunning 12ct Oval Sapphire ring. The ring has since become synonymous with royal style and continues to exert a lasting influence on contemporary fashion trends.

Can You Wear Sapphire Engagement Rings Everyday?

Sapphire remains an enduring choice for engagement rings. Rating at a nine on the Mohs hardness scale, it is a great stone for everyday wear.

What Does Sapphire Represent?

The gemstone evokes lasting commitment and love. Sapphires are often reminiscent of faithfulness so are the perfect selection to represent the ongoing commitment of marriage.

Sapphire Hero Engagement Ring

Are They Popular?

Sapphire engagement rings are versatile making them a popular choice. A myriad of timeless styles, from halo to cluster, coupled with platinum and gold finishes, offer abundant avenues to infuse your personal style into sapphire's allure. Whilst often thought of as blue, the sapphire also comes in various colours including pinks, reds and yellows.

Who Wears Them?

Notably, sapphire engagement rings have graced the fingers of renowned figures, such as the Duchess of Cambridge who has worn Diana's iconic ring since her proposal from Prince William, and Elizabeth Taylor's diamond-studded from Michael Wilding.

Experience the timeless allure and rich history of sapphire gemstones, embracing both versatility in design and a legacy of elegance worn by iconic personalities throughout history. Explore Sapphire Engagement Rings at Laings.

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