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5 Edinburgh Proposal Ideas

Edinburgh is famed around the world for its inherent beauty and undeniable charm. With both stunning natural landscapes and captivating architecture, it is no surprise that you would choose this city to create the perfect proposal. Nestled amongst the picturesque landscape and striking architecture of the capital, are beautiful locations to ask the all-important question in the most romantic way. Discover our top proposal destinations in Edinburgh.

1. Edinburgh Castle

Undoubtedly one of the most recognisable spots in the capital, Edinburgh castle is famed for its breathtaking grandeur. Situated in the heart of Edinburgh, the castle is located on Castle Hill, proudly overlooking the city to provide a spectacular view. Perfect for those with an appreciation for local history and beautiful scenery, Edinburgh castle will help in making your moment all the more special.

The magnificent location was recently adopted by Zooey Deschanel and her partner for their proposal, showing it is truly worth a trip across the globe to experience a perfect Edinburgh proposal.

2. The Ross Fountain

Ross Fountain EdinburghLocated at the heart of Edinburgh city centre in the idyllic setting of Princes Street Gardens is the Ross Fountain. Sculpted in Sommevoire, France, the fountain is a magnificent example of 19th century cast-iron work, in the neoclassical style known as Beaux Arts. The enchanting sculpture is made even more spectacular by the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh castle, making for a picturesque proposal in front of the most striking view. The fountain is lit up in the evening, glistening against the night sky and adding an extra touch of romance to your engagement.

3. Calton Hill

Calton Hill EdinburghThe ultimate spot to take in the breathtaking views of Edinburgh, Calton Hill is a gateway to experiencing so many of Edinburgh’s most spectacular gems all in one go. With views over Arthur’s seat, Edinburgh Castle and both Edinburgh’s Old and New Town, Calton Hill is truly captivating. End your day with a trip to the top of the landmark to watch the sunset and create an unforgettable proposal.

4. Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens EdinburghPerfect for those with an appreciation for nature, Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens provides 7 acres of idyllic beauty for your engagement. The peaceful location features a spectacular collection of plants over 350 years old, with an abundance of colours and hues all year round. This location is perfect for creating a serene and intimate proposal, surrounded by nature in a quiet and picturesque spot in Edinburgh.

5. Arthur's Seat

If you and your partner love to spend time outdoors together, a proposal at the top of Arthurs Seat would be beautifully fitting. Walking up the ancient volcano while taking in the magnificent views of the city leads to a joyous feeling when you reach the top. Make the most of this wonderful trip with a heartfelt proposal, made special by the stunning backdrop and incredible scenery.

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