Celebrating the talents and achievements of incredible people all over the world, International Women’s Day is one filled with appreciation and gratitude. At Laings, we cherish the amazing community of women throughout our business whose expertise and dedication not only keep us moving forward but inspire our clients and team members across our locations.

Emma Millar- Treasuring Rare Skills

Emma Millar has spent the past ten years honing her skills within the industry and is a recent graduate of the Professional Training of Modern Diamond Setting course at the prestigious Alexandre School in Antwerp. Here Emma learned how to use modern tools to execute traditional techniques. With her skills as an individual stone-setter in the team, she provides a wealth of increased opportunity for bespoke design.

What I love about being a goldsmith is that no matter how much you know, there is always something to learn. I absolutely love my job and I tell anyone who will listen how special it is that Laings has a dedicated department that possesses such rare skills.”

Vivienne Shaw- Reaching for the Stars

Beginning in 1995 in the watch department of our Glasgow store, Vivenne Shaw has advanced through advisory and management roles now settling as the lead of our customer service team. Joining the head office e-commerce department during the height of the pandemic she took on a team of two at the time. Fast forward and she now leads a team of ten, taking care of all aspects of customer service at Laings.

“At Laings we value employee growth above all else, I always say skills can be taught, attitude not so much and my personal journey is a display of the incredible development opportunities on offer at Laings. Each team is encouraged to reach for the stars, if there is something we want we are inspired to go out and get it, that is everything from training to trying new roles, and for me that is what makes Laings truly special.”

Margaret Mills- Decades of Dedication

Beginning her story in Glasgow at our small Renfield street showroom, Margaret Mills’ journey at Laings started over 40 years ago. She has played an important part in building on our esteemed history that celebrates the past, present, and future of our family business. Now based in the city’s flagship store, Margaret has been a part of countless special occasions in our clients lives, honouring love, family, friendship and the beauty of the everyday with her expertise.

“Over the years I have gathered a great appreciation of our beautiful pieces, learning largely from the wonderful teams that I work with. I have the pleasure of complementing wonderful celebrations with the world’s finest jewellery and timepieces, combined with working alongside such great and knowledgeable people makes what I do truly worthwhile, and I couldn’t ask for more than that.”

Sarah Alexander- Crafting a Design Legacy

As the lead designer of our bespoke team, Sarah Alexander has been bringing client’s most unique imaginations to life for over three decades. It is her responsibility to create jewellery dedicated to each individual desire.

“With extensive experience gained through my years, one of my biggest passions is the work I do mentoring our younger team members. I find it invigorating to tap into my past design knowledge and pass it on to the next generation, it is so nice to see similar values and passion to my own and I am always looking to grow our bespoke service into something bigger. Allowing me to revisit earlier chapters of my career, I find real joy in crafting a design legacy at Laings, it is truly rewarding to not only grow individually, but as a team too.”


Thank you for taking the time to read about the incredible women at Laings.

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