Jewellery has the power to become a significant part of your identity, with the ability to transform a fashionable look, hold a lifelong sentiment or often a combination of both. Important pieces hold precious memories and symbolise moments in time forever. Here, we look at forever-loved jewellery. Timeless, elegant pieces that can be treasured for generations and make the perfect family heirlooms. Laings presents an exquisite range of luxuries across all categories, hand-crafted with the finest gemstones and designed to be cherished forever.

 Diamond Pendants

One of the most versatile and classic pieces of all time is a diamond pendant. A diamond pendant is a perfect gift, especially for milestone birthdays- marking a memory for a lifetime with a piece that will last for generations. Diamond pendants come in a variety of styles, with gemstones characterised by the 4C’s; cut, colour, clarity, and carat. This means that there is a style to suit everyone. They are also the perfect piece to be dressed up or down, a stunning addition to special occasions. Ranking at the highest score of 10 on Mohs hardness scale, diamonds are extremely durable and resistant to chipping, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Diamond Line Bracelets

Alongside diamond pendants, diamond line bracelets make for beautiful, forever-loved jewellery pieces. Diamond line bracelets have long maintained their fashion-forward appeal, with their chic versatility meaning they never go out of style. Diamond line bracelets are often spotted on the red carpet and at glamorous events, as well as adding sparkle to everyday wear. These factors make diamond line bracelets a truly timeless gift for any lady, regardless of age. In terms of gift giving, they represent a true symbol of love through a gift that is sure to become a family heirloom. As with all our special pieces, the scarcity of diamonds promises that they will be valued as a treasured luxury forever.


Pearls cannot be forgotten about when it comes to forever-loved jewellery. A symbol of wisdom, serenity and innocence, pearls have always been sought-after to create precious, exquisite pieces of jewellery. Pearl jewellery becomes desirable heirlooms, and the adored gem can be crafted into a wide range of designs, from classic to modern, creating styles that can be adapted and loved for many years to come.  Pearls make the perfect romantic gift, especially for the 30-year pearl wedding anniversary. Their luxurious pearly white tones and connotations also make for stunning bridal jewellery, that will hold precious memories and can undoubtedly be worn again and again at future events.

Mikimoto pearls


Gemstones also make for the perfect forever-loved jewellery piece, a special way to gift these is through incredible birthstone pieces. Birthstones hold a special personal value and memories to be cherished due to the sentiment behind them, with each representing unique qualities. Gemstones are often paired with diamonds to create breath-taking pieces, enhancing the rich colours of the gemstones, and bouncing light between the precious gems to maximise scintillation and create sensational sparkle.                        

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