Discover the beauty of Bond’s daughter, Ella Loudon, in the cover shoot of HOOD’s much-anticipated Christmas issue. Laings worked with HOOD magazine on the cover shoot, which showcases one-of-a-kind creations and fantasy pieces from Laings fine jewellery collection.

Ella Loudon stepped into the spotlight when she accompanied her father, Daniel Craig, to the premiere of the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die, in London. Wearing a Brunello Cucinelli tuxedo and Fabergé pendant, Loudon gained acclaim throughout the fashion and beauty industry for her striking and androgynous ensemble.

Ella Loudon

With acting in her DNA, Ella Loudon is one of theatre’s rising stars. Ella has been focused on trying to carve out her own path in the arts, starring in several Shakespeare & Company productions and hotly tipped to take her first steps in the world of film with an upcoming role in the feature movie ‘Can’t Let It Go’.

Laings had the honour of dressing Ella in exquisite pieces from our fine jewellery collection, where each piece is a form of art – uniting rare gemstones, majestic design and an infusion of passion from the goldsmiths and masters who create each glorious piece

EMERALD – From Greek Gods to Cleopatra

Believed to be a powerful gemstone, the Emerald is symbolic of rebirth, love and fertility. The Emerald has long excited imaginations, drawing fascination from Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, while in Ancient Greece being used to honour the goddess of Aphrodite and fertility.

Ella Loudon

YELLOW DIAMONDS – Nature’s Nuance

Yellow diamonds are a nuance of the classic white diamond, transforming the familiar into the spectacular. With an unmatched intensity, the vivid hues of this set are entirely natural, created by the earth without artificial heat treatment – a celebration of eccentricity.

Ella Loudon

SAPPHIRE – An Ode to Enchantment

An opulent gemstone that captures the imagination of jewellery wearers, the Sapphire exudes romance. Famed for its connection to the god Apollo, the Sapphire was often worn by ancient Greeks to unite them with the spirit world. Today, the gemstone sparks imagination of lore and legend with its alluring opulence.

Ella Loudon

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