As we move further into the heart of COP26 discussions, our sustainability series continues with a look into the delicate intricacies of FOPE design. Join us as we explore the finesse of the Italian brand through ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly practices, and responsible reduction of material by-products.

FOPE’s creations and internal processes have long been inspired by the highest quality and ethical commitments. The idea of entrepreneurial responsibility represents a fundamental value shared by all generations of the family business. Today more than ever, the international brand commands utmost dedication to sustainable practices and choices, constantly striving to improve.

Visiting Vicenza

The FOPE headquarters are located in one of Vicenza’s picturesque residential neighbourhoods and are home to both the brand’s manufacture and offices. A recent extension saw the addition of an extra floor, as well as a solar panelled roof that blends seamlessly into the surrounding sleepy town. Emitting no emissions or noise pollution, and using purely renewable energy sources, the environmental impact of FOPE’s headquarters is minimal as the brand continues its commitment to climate preservation through carbon neutrality.

FOPE Sustainable Materials

Responsible Disposal of By-products

Striving to achieve virtuous consumption of all resources – FOPE intrinsically calls for accurate handling, use and reuse of precious raw materials, including those that are not directly linked to production. The whole journey, from casting and crafting to the use of computer-controlled machines, derives from plenty of efficient planning. Thanks to the fact that every part of the process is managed under one roof, FOPE respectfully handles the fine gold used and can assure any remaining is carefully cleaned and aptly reused to create new jewellery.

This commitment translates to non-jewellery related products too. These efforts to monitor sourcing, usage and recycling involves the whole workforce, encouraging a devotion that remains consistent throughout the entire business. Be it through small-scale changes or grand technological advancements, FOPE’s activities are aimed to pursue sustainability while promoting a positive entrepreneurial approach – where accountability matches both economic and environmental goals.

FOPE Gold components

Safeguarding Fundamental Resources

FOPE’s environmental commitment stretches to include the protection of fundamental natural resources. Engineers and goldsmiths constantly research new solutions that will make the production process increasingly environmentally efficient. Together, with the traditional drive to implement a workflow that avoids dangerous or polluting substances, FOPE undergoes periodical tests that monitor the impact it generates. Advising that everyone should be responsible for the environmental effects of their lifestyle, FOPE prioritises the careful use and reuse of water in its processes for less waste and increased productivity.


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