Within the jewellery industry, organisations work incredibly hard to craft delightful experiences from beginning to end for purchases that hold great emotional significance. Laings believe that sustainable practice is no exception to this rule and commit to creating exquisite jewellery whilst taking care of our planet.

From the tools we use to monitoring our partners’ supply chain, Laings ensures our jewellery follows a journey that preserves our beautiful world. Here, we explore the practices which demonstrate Laings’ commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable material

Ethical standards have taken a deserving place as a primary concern globally, and this is shared amongst the team at Laings. Our Head of Marketing, Sally Alobaidi, champions the vision of a more sustainable future.

“Sustainability is a topic that is important to Laings. Many of our materials, including our catalogues and receipt wallets, are already made from 100% recycled material. Over the coming year, we will be looking at all of our touchpoints, reviewing every aspect of the business, and ensuring we become more sustainably responsible”.

Partner Transparency

Laings ensure we monitor the practices of our partners to ensure a consistent commitment across the company. Sally explains the importance of working alongside partners who share our values.

“Our standards ensure that we only work with transparent partners, and our jewellery is made with integrity and sourced from a high standard supply chain. Laings only provide clients with quality and ethically sourced diamonds by ensuring that our diamonds are passed through the Kimberley Process”.

Kimberly process

Tradition and Sustainability

Incorporating traditional craftsmanship into our modern masterpieces is something our workshops are no strangers to. Laings goldsmiths use time-honoured skills that reflect the tradition of their craft, and the same can be said for the tools they use.

Sustainable tools

Serena Gough, Head of Service, encapsulates the fitting relationship between tradition and sustainability that we see in our studios.

“To be a Goldsmith is to embody a century old craft, in which the methods used remain relatively unchanged. For this reason the tools in our workshops are often handed down from generations before, goldsmith-to-goldsmith, in a cycle of reusing and reinterpreting our jewellery making instruments. While the goldsmiths have incredible expertise in crafting the fine intricacies of jewellery making, a similar approach can be used to alter the form and metals of their tools – providing endless opportunities to refashion instruments for more appropriate use. This often negates the need for buying new tools, in both a sustainable and magical nod to the historic nature of the craft”.

Extending the Life of Precious Pieces

Laings commit to prolonging the life of your timepiece with our outstanding after-sales service. We have state-of-the-art Workshops dedicated to restoring your precious jewellery and watches. Extending the life of your timepiece is both a helping hand towards reducing waste and preventing overconsumption, as well as allowing you to enjoy your jewellery and watches for generations to come.

Pre owned

Laings also welcomes watches and jewellery ready to continue its journey to a new home with our pre-owned collection. At Laings we both appreciate and are passionate about the stories that pre-owned timepieces tell and the intricacies of their exceptional craftsmanship. We believe we can do our bit for the planet by passing these stunning pieces on to continue their legacy.

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