Cartier brings Parisian elegance to Watches and Wonders 2021 – an exclusive display of the finest watches launched from the world’s most renowned brands. Building on Cartier’s acclaimed collection of watches, celebrated by luxury enthusiasts and celebrities alike, the latest suite of models is a captivating display of the brand’s signature art deco style.

We also asked Ryan Williams, Sales Consultant – Laings Cardiff, for his thoughts on the collection. You can find them in quotation marks under the new releases.

The Cartier Tank is heralded as the pinnacle of sophistication – famed as the watch of choice for Hollywood’s elite. With a history dating back over 100 years, Tank was designed by Louis Cartier himself, yet is an evolutionary design. Proven by the blend of playfulness and innovation in the 2021 collection.

The Tank Must 2021 revisits the spirit of the 1980s, with three limited-edition monochromatic colours: red, blue and green. Featuring a large face, the colourful additions to the collection bring an air of freedom and expression, an important flirtation with fun on the backdrop of the currently challenging landscape.

The new collection of Tank Must also includes editions that use the power of both sustainability and innovation with SolarBeat Photovoltaic Movement. This incredible technology uses photovoltaic cells – the same that convert light into power in solar panels – under invisible perforations in the Roman numerals on the watch face. The result? A watch that is powered by light, both natural and artificial.

“Cartier have gone Solar! The manufacture applied the photovoltaic principle to the Tank watch’s dial without altering its aesthetic. This true technical feat relies on the perforation of Roman numerals, whose openings allow light to reach the photovoltaic cells hidden under the dial. It took years for the development team to integrate this SolarBeat movement, with an average lifespan of 16 years, into the Tank Must, the first watch to benefit from this technology. The creative innovation at Cartier is the determination of the Maison to constantly push its limits further.”

Pasha de Cartier 41mm Chronograph Tank
Unapologetically extravagant, the Pasha de Cartier 41mm Chronograph Tank – in versions including 18-karat yellow gold and stainless steel – features no end of rounded design elements that are bound to impress even the most stoic watch enthusiasts. The new model boasts Cartier’s QuickSwitch and EasyLink systems for simplistic sizing, along with a rotating bezel and two push-pieces set with a cabochon, paying homage to the original Pasha.

“I love the Pasha. The Art Deco style gives the watch a look which is completely unique to itself.”

Privé Cloche De Cartier
Cartier’s Privé collection, which was relaunched in 2015, is a utopic transportation to some of the brand’s most historically iconic designs. In the 2021 instalment of the collection, Cartier presents Cloche De Cartier, a bell-shaped design with hints of underlying surrealist influences. In a world where vintage is king, the resurgence of the Cloche De Cartier will come as a welcome addition to fans of the brand and prove popular with collectors. With a mark of versatility, the watch can be read on the wrist or placed upright to transform into a delicate desk clock.

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