As we get closer and closer to the big day we’re all getting into the Christmas spirit, and after a long year, it’s important to appreciate the little things that make each family’s Christmas special. We asked our head office and store teams about their family Christmas Traditions. Heartwarming and a little bizarre, let’s have a closer look at some of our favourites.

Do you have any special Christmas traditions? If not this year is the perfect time to make one up! Take some inspiration from our favourites, or ask around to see what your friends or colleagues do each year. Something that brings a little extra sparkle to the festive period, no matter the year you’ve had, makes the festive season feel even more magical.

Christmas Traditions


“My fiancée and I exchange gift boxes on Christmas Eve that we make up for each other, including snacks, drinks, movies and PJ’s.” – Ben Roger, Laings Glasgow

“My mum, dad and I always enjoy a curry and a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve.” – Eilidh Cant, Laings Glasgow

“We all sit down together, mobiles switched off, and we get everyone’s input to choose a Christmas movie. With only the twinkling lights of the tree, the room is filled with laughter from Kevin McCallister in our favourite, Home Alone.” – Claire Wright, Laings Glasgow


“Instead of stockings, we’ve always used my Dad’s football socks – clean of course! I don’t know why it started by my two sisters and I have always had presents wrapped up and hidden in these three odd socks. Although we’re adults now, the Christmas football stockings come out every year.”– Kirsten Woods, Senior Marketing Executive.

Christmas Traditions


“I love to bake and a few years ago I decided to make a tradition of my own. Every Christmas Eve I make a batch of cinnamon buns for me and my family to enjoy while we watch a festive film. For some reason the warm spice makes me feel like Christmas is finally here. Now Christmas Eve without cinnamon buns would just be so wrong!” – Julia Redshaw, Marketing Assistant

Christmas Traditions


“It’s such a daft one, but every year, not long after we put up our tree, there would be a knock at the front door (the posh entrance everyone we know uses the back). There was my dad in disguise and with a broad Aberdeen accent he would say, ‘I was passing by and simply HAD to come and tell you that you have the best-decorated tree in Glasgow’. We’d all hoot with laughter and chastise my dad for having missed ‘the Mannie’ again. To this day my dad and ‘the mannie’ have never been in the same room at once…’ – Megan Louden, Bespoke Design Glasgow


“Every Christmas Eve when I was younger, my Dad would take my sister, brother and I on the annual ‘Parcel Run’. We would load up the car full of gifts for each family member, map out our route and drive around each of their houses to exchange Christmas gifts. It was tradition to sing along to Christmas music (at the top of our lungs) and watch out the window in case we saw Santa in the sky.” – Stephanie Grant, Finance Supervisor

Merry Christmas from Laings x


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