Earrings are versatile jewellery pieces that can be worn casually everyday day at work or dressed up in the evening to create a statement. They exude elegance in all the shapes and styles that they come in, and are a welcome addition to any jewellery box. Here we look at the top styles that will add the perfect finishing touch.

Everybody’s taste is different, many people prefer to be minimalistic and simple whereas others favour a bold and statement look. With statement earrings, you can add that little bit more glamour or power to your style. Right now, the trendiest styles are; simple studs, dazzling drop designs, bold hoops and gemstones- great to add to a summer outfit.

Here are our top picks from each style to indulge you in shine and sparkle…

Stud Earrings

Simple, but elegant statement stud earrings can make an impact anywhere, anytime. They could be a simple set of diamond studs or a pair of rare gemstones or even some luxury pearls, there are so many variations to suit everyone. These picks shower the wearer with elegance and sophistication.

Diamond EarringsChopard Earrings

Our SUZANNE 18CT WHITE GOLD 1.89CT DIAMOND EARRINGS are an exclusive in-house design from our Family Collection. The Suzanne collection is designed for the stylish and loving woman. The simple diamond stud earrings are the perfect balance between classic and modern.

The CHOPARD HAPPY HEARTS PINK CORAL EARRINGS are simple studs that have a colourful and fun design. Their Happy Hearts collection is filled with this symbolic motif, spreading love wherever they go.

Drop Earrings

Drop statement earrings are really fashionable pieces. They have a certain indulgence to them, adding glamour, sophistication and a refined look. Many people like to add elegance to their outfits with the drop style, and they’re perfect with an evening gown to complete a graceful black-tie look. Pair with a simple black dress and make a gorgeous statement.

Sapphire and Diamond EarringsDiamond Drop Earrings

The 18CT WHITE GOLD SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS have a timeless feel to them. The beautiful pear cut sapphires are suspended from a single bar drop, adorned with glittering diamonds. They would make beautiful statement earrings for a wedding, or a glamourous evening.

Diamond drop earrings are a style that you simply can’t go wrong with and the 18CT WHITE GOLD 2.95CT DROP EARRINGS are a pair that you’ll love wearing again and again. With sparkling diamonds cascading downwards they’ll catch the light with every movement and definitely turn heads.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a firm fashion favourite and are bold, making a trendy statement. They come in many shapes and sizes, and with all different designs. Here are our favourite hoops if you’re looking to make a statement.

Hoop EarringsHoop Earrings

Our 18CT WHITE GOLD 3.01CT DIAMOND HOOP EARRINGS radiate glamour and class. They can be worn with any outfit to add a touch of sparkle wherever you are, and these chunky hoops are great when making a sartorial statement. These will sparkle in your ears will without a doubt enhance the sparkle in your smile.

The 18CT WHITE GOLD MARQUISE CUT DIAMOND HOOP EARRINGS have a beautiful row of glistening marquise cut diamonds allowing optimum light to flow through, creating a dazzling sparkle. The more unusual diamond cut makes them a unique pair and in the sunlight, these diamonds will make you feel very chic.

Gemstone Earrings

There are many different types of gemstones, and you can match your unique personality to your favourite stones. Compared to diamond studs, gemstones are more personal, and many people have individual preferences. Some people adore the charm of pearls, whereas others opt for vibrant hues to reflect their own nature. In summer the bright colour of gemstones creates a happy and fun look.

Emerald Mikimoto

The graceful and mesmerizing green colour of the Emerald gemstone is admired by many all over the world, and the 18CT WHITE GOLD EMERALD AND DIAMOND EARRINGS are perfect if you favour this hue. The diamond halo around the emerald helps create a graceful look and draw the eye to the beautiful gemstone.

The MIKIMOTO 18CT WHITE GOLD AKOYA PEARL AND DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS are truly chic and glamourous. The elegant and graceful style is becoming more and more popular and the addition of a diamond really adds a touch of indulgence. Pair these with a modern wardrobe for a contemporary style.



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