At Laings we specialise in high-quality, authentic pre-owned watches. The impressive collection features timepieces from the world’s top luxury watch brands and highly sought-after models. But why should you take a serious look at our pre-owned watches?

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of Haute Horlogerie or adding to an already carefully curated collection pre-owned luxury watches are well worth taking into account. Pre-owned watches tell a story and are much more than just timekeeping devices, they’re part of history. These special works of art have been designed and crafted to last generations, and you can help to begin the next chapter of their story.

So why should you buy a pre-owned watch?

Pre-Owned Watches

Affordable Luxury

One of the major reasons for buying pre-owned watches is the price. You’ll more than likely make a substantial saving on the price of the same model than if bought new. This means that the world of luxury watches is opened up at a really good price. This saving can be really appealing, especially if you consider a pre-owned timepiece as a safer investment, with a lower risk factor than buying brand new. Plus if you do decide to sell it on you’ll be unlikely to lose money.

Their Exclusive Nature

Another pull to pre-owned is their exclusive nature. You might be lucky enough to spot a limited edition model, giving it more value and making it something special to own. Perhaps it’s a model that’s been discontinued and you’ll get a second chance to own the watch of your dreams. The rarity of certain pre-owned wristwatches is a real incentive and it’s your chance to own something truly elite. As the popularity of pre-owned watches in the UK has grown, so has the selection that’s available. On one hand you may find a model that’s as good as new, whilst on the other, you could come across a rare vintage piece from many years ago. The options presented are constantly changing and with such a huge variety on offer, it’s an exciting world to be in.

Pre-Owned Watches

Guaranteed Authenticity  

Every pre-owned watch that we receive goes through strict checks. Our qualified watchmakers check the timepieces in our state-of-the-art workshop and verify them as genuine. In some cases, if the watch is a particularly old, vintage piece we’ll send it back to the brand to be certified as authentic. As well as making sure it’s an authentic piece we’ll also check the quality of the watch. Furthermore, we’ll also clean each timepiece and ensure that it has had the necessary maintenance or a complete service. Many people change their watches every few years and a lot of our models come from customer trade-ins. To make sure that they are not counterfeit and are genuine pieces, we’ll put them through stringent checks, ensuring that you’re presented with certified pre-owned luxury watches.

Built to Last a Lifetime

Every pre-owned luxury timepiece is a work of art. They’re elaborate creations that have been built from hundreds of intricate pieces, assembled by skilled craftsmen that have spent years honing this artistry. A luxury item does not necessarily translate as something new, and to own an exquisitely built mechanical watch from a bygone era is a truly luxurious thing. The decades of innovation, paired with traditional craftsmanship is what gives high-end watches the ability to last for generations. Buying a pre-owned timepiece allows you to continue the life story of the watch, appreciating the skill of its past and the promise of its future.



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