Luxury watches are investment pieces that are built to last a lifetime, however, they do need a little care and attention. Watch winders are one way to look after treasured timepieces and WOLF are leading the way when it comes to looking after the health of your watch.

Watch winders and automatic watches are the perfect pair. A luxury wristwatch is always going to be a treasured piece. Made from a series of intricate moving parts their mechanics are extremely complex, and so do need to be looked after to ensure that your watch stays in good working order.

WOLF has over 180 years of experience building storage solutions for luxury watches. Their handmade precision instruments look after the health of your watch and their patented innovation uses the top technology.

Watch Winders

The WOLF CUB WINDER is designed to take care of your watch with ease. The six perfectly proportioned sides encase your timepiece safely and precisely. Uncomplicated in style it has a contemporary, yet smart feel to it, crafted in vegan leather it’s the perfect way to look after a treasured timepiece.

In essence, a watch winder keeps self-winding watches running when they’re not worn. Automatic watches wind themselves using a rotor – with movement the rotor moves and turns the mechanism, allowing the watch to tell the time. A watch winder creates movement so that the watch won’t stop and by counting the rotations of your watch WOLF winders can help to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible.

Watch Winders

Inspired by the best of British motorcars the WOLF ROADSTER WATCH WINDER turns your watch perfectly to a precise number of turns. Its refined finish features aged-wood dashboards, chrome spoked wheels, and soft leather. It’s a truly stylish way to look after a luxury wristwatch.

All automatic watches can be manually wound, however, it’s not always the most convenient. They are particularly handy devices if you don’t wear your watch every day. A watch winder will keep your watch on time and means it’s ready to wear whenever you like.



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