There’s something magical about gemstones. With a rainbow of colours available they have a unique feel and add a touch of allure to the wearer. But what is it about coloured gemstones that enchants jewellery lovers so much and why are they becoming more and more popular?

Choosing a piece of gemstone jewellery is a unique adventure. Colour speaks to people and it’s all about finding the perfect piece to reflect you and tell your own story. They’re often more personal pieces and allow you to incorporate your identity within your jewellery collection.

Coloured gemstones are becoming increasingly popular as jewellery lovers are looking to reflect their individual style and add a touch of personality to their look. They offer all kinds of possibilities when it comes to jewellery design and help you to make a statement with your style, being a touch more adventurous with your choices.


Choosing a gemstone engagement ring has become a way for a bride-to-be to add a twist to their bridal style, creating their own look and opting for something different from the traditional diamond. The 18CT YELLOW GOLD 0.80CT RUBY AND DIAMOND RING is a beautiful choice if you’re looking for something a little more unusual. The deep red of the oval cut ruby represents love and passion, framed by two glittering diamonds it’s a wonderful way to make your promise of forever.

Every piece of gemstone jewellery has its own enchanting hue and these charming colours add a certain depth to the gemstones. The vibrant tones can transport you to far-flung places, from exotic oceans to fiery sunsets and the golden glow of evening light, creating their own stories and secrets.


The WHITE GOLD DIAMOND AND ORANGE SAPPHIRE BRACELET has a distinctive colour with unique orange sapphires creating an eye-catching style. Sapphires are a particularly interesting gemstone as they come in a whole variety of hues, not just the deep blue that they are more well-known for. The vibrancy of the orange is bold and bright with the unexpected colour making a real statement.

Although coloured gemstones are becoming more popular today, they were actually held in very high regard in centuries past. Ancient cultures believed that they were gifts from the gods and Roman Emperors wore them as signifiers of wealth and power. They were often worn as a talisman because of the different properties that they promoted, be that happiness, protection or love. Today they still have a magical feel to them that adds an air of intrigue.


Tsavorite is believed to promote strength and confidence in the wearer and the beautiful green gemstone certainly has an enchanting hue. The 18CT WHITE GOLD 1.59CT TSAVORITE AND DIAMOND PENDANT features an eye-catching pear cut gemstone with a halo of glittering diamonds really emphasising the mystical green of the stone. Discovered in 1967 it’s relatively new to the gemstone market and is perfect if you’re looking for something a little different.



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