Aro pearls hold a certain mystique and the masculine feel of the pieces allow the magic of pearls to be enjoyed in more handsome styles. Founded by pearl specialist Bibi Southwell the exciting brand offers something completely unique to jewellery lovers and the fashion-conscious alike.

Pearl brand, Aro, focus on male/unisex pieces that display a darker side to pearls, giving them a more masculine feel. The dark colours and simple, yet impactful designs, are a really stylish way to add a twist to your look, giving fashion-forward gentlemen the opportunity to enjoy the mysterious gems of the ocean.

Aro Pearls


Aro is the brainchild of pearl specialist Bibi Southwell. Bibi first developed a fascination with the ocean gems after discovering pearl farms when she was travelling across Asia. Since then she’s spent over a decade sourcing and developing relationships with pearl farming communities and gem suppliers all over the world. She’s also qualified with the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) and uses her knowledge to hand-select the pearls. This ensures the finest quality and Bibi also works to contribute more directly to the pearl communities.

Aro Pearls


With a focus on the raw elements of nature the eye-catching bracelets show the juxtaposition of gems from opposing elements – with gemstones from the EARTH and pearls formed in the OCEAN. The unique matt polished gemstones, including obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass, and onyx which both create a strong and striking look. These earthy gems are then paired with Tahitian and Akoya pearls, both with a darker hue, adding to the powerful style of the bracelet.

Aro Pearls


Each piece is hand-crafted in their UK-based studio, with each bracelet being truly unique. The dark colours of the gemstones and pearls create a luxury feel and coupled with a fresh, minimalist design the distinctive pieces have an undeniably masculine feel. The simple designs mean the handsome beauty of the pearls aren’t overshadowed and their timeless and mystical character has a real presence.



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