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Pilot’s Watches have helped aviation experts to explore the skies for years and they are the perfect timepieces to accompany avid explorers. Here we explore our top picks for pilots and travel enthusiasts to help you to reach new heights!

Designed to explore the skies Pilot’s watches have been integral to aviation for decades and have helped pilots to navigate as they ventured above the clouds. In 1904 the first Pilot’s wristwatch was developed and was designed to be easy to read. Since then technology has taken Pilot’s watches to the next level and they are the perfect companion for any adventurer!

Here’s our top picks for exploring the world above the clouds…


Pilot’s Watches

IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner 

IWC’s legendary Pilot’s watches have always been popular with aviation professionals thanks to their clean, sleek style that makes them easy to read at a glance. This particular timepiece however, is a little more complex. It retains the classic, large Arabic numbers, making it easy to read the time, but it is finished with a busy dial and bezel with some impressive functions. This watch is particularly unique as you can set it to a different timezone simply by rotating the bezel, automatically altering the hour-hand, 24-hour day/night display and the date. A fantastic watch for world travellers!



Pilot’s Watches

Breitling Chronomat GMT

Breitling are renowned for their contribution to the world of aviation and there’s no doubt that this timepiece is perfect for pilots. Whilst it does have a slightly busy dial due to the chronograph, the enlarged batons do allow the time to be easily read at a glance. Although it doesn’t instantly appear to be a GMT, it does in fact have an internal GMT bezel which you can rotate by adjusting the crown. It also has an internal tachymeter, which can be used to calculate time, speed and distance – another box ticked for pilots! It’s a practical and multi-functional timepiece that is made for the sky.


Pilot’s Watches

Cartier Santos 100

The iconic Cartier Santos was originally designed for Alberto Santos-Dumont, an aviation pioneer. He complained to Louis Cartier that it was too difficult to check the time on a pocket-watch whilst flying and so Cartier developed the first wristwatch! Designed with function and form in mind, Cartier incorporated their classic Roman numerals with an enlarged look, so that the time can be read even with the quickest glance. The narrowing lugs were also designed with the pilot in mind as they gently curve and hug the wrist so that the watch remains snug and comfortable. The ultimate pilots’ timepiece.



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