As we’ve all been making the most of a slower pace of life the team at Laings have been re-watching some great films, and of course, picking out the best jewellery from the movies. Here we go over our top pieces and how you can re-create some of the most iconic looks from the silver screen.

Hollywood is no stranger to diamonds and glitter, and the stars are well known for their sparkle on the red carpet. However, some of the characters that they play have also worn their fair share of breath-taking gemstones. Allow yourself to be swept up in a faraway world and get lost in a dazzling story as we explore the best jewellery from the movies…

The Titanic Heart of the Ocean

The necklace from Titanic, known as the Heart of the Ocean, is one of the most iconic pieces of movie jewellery ever. In the movie, the Heart of the Ocean necklace is an incredible blue diamond encircled by glittering gems, and it’s famously dropped into sea at the end of the film. Although the Heart of the Ocean diamond in the film is a fictional story there is some truth to the tale and the real Heart of the Ocean is said to be an elegant gem that was given to a passenger named Kate as a token of love before the fateful journey.

Best Jewellery from the Movies Titanic Heart of the Ocean

The PLATINUM 4.04ct PEAR CUT SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND NECKLACE is a stunning way to recreate the iconic piece. The deep blue sapphire necklace beautifully reflects the mystery of the ocean and there’s something enchanting about it. The sapphire necklace also features a frame of glittering diamonds, echoing the Heart of the Ocean, and adding an extra touch of glamour.

The Great Gatsby Ring

The Great Gatsby movie is filled with decadence, glamour and luxury. So it’s no surprise that Daisy Buchanan’s engagement ring is truly breath-taking. Carey Mulligan was lucky enough to wear this incredible ring in The Great Gatsby and there’s a famous scene where her hand dangles over the sofa, the light dancing in and out of the magnificent diamond. Daisy Buchanan isn’t known for her simple style and the allure of the ring is the perfect reflection of a glamourous lifestyle.

Best Jewellery from the Movies Great Gatsby Engagement Ring

If you have fallen for Daisy’s engagement ring then the PLATINUM 2.02ct RADIANT CUT DIAMOND RING is the perfect choice for you. The art-deco inspired angles reflect the era of the film, whilst the delicate halo and diamond-lined band beautifully capture the style of the ring. With an impressive radiant cut diamond at the centre this a luxurious choice that will always be chic.

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s Pearl Necklace

The classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s necklace is a simply stunning pearl necklace worn by Audrey Hepburn. The Hollywood starlet donned layers and layers of pearls as she wandered down Fifth Avenue, seemingly paying homage to the actresses own elegant style. The five strand necklace is finished with a diamond embellishment, beautifully complementing the now famous Givenchy dress she wore with it. The iconic look showed the timeless appeal of the little black dress paired with a pearl necklace, a style that has stood the test of time.

Best Jewellery from the Movies Breakfast at Tiffany's Pearl Necklace

The style of Audrey Hepburn’s pearl choker can easily be captured with the MIKIMOTO 18CT WHITE GOLD CULTURED PEARL CHOKER. The simple strand of lustrous pearls evokes an elegant feel that will never go out of style. Mikimoto is celebrated for their beautiful gems and are the world’s finest cultured pearls. Take inspiration from Holly Golightly and create your own chic style with an irresistible strand of pearls.

Diamond Bracelets in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Marilyn Monroe croons ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ whilst dripping in the gemstones in an unforgettable scene in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and we had to include it in our list of the best jewellery from the movies. Dressed in a pink satin gown with matching opera gloves, Monroe dazzles, and it’s even been reported that the popularity of diamonds soared after this film. As she sings “square-cut or pear-shaped this rocks won’t lose their shape, diamonds are a girl’s best friend” audiences all over the world became lost in the sheer sparkle of the spectacle.

Best Jewellery from the Movies Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Diamonds

If you’re looking to create the same kind of show-stopping look then the 18CT WHITE GOLD THREE ROW DIAMOND BANGLE is a perfect choice. With three rows of exquisite gemstones, the white gold diamond bracelet will certainly make a statement. The diamonds make up a total carat weight of 4.17ct and give the same ‘draped in diamonds’ effect that Monroe made iconic in this movie.

Rubies in Pretty Woman

We all know the famous scene when Richard Gere presents the necklace to Julia Roberts before snapping the lid shut before she can touch it, causing her to let out that more infectious laugh. But did you know that this wasn’t actually scripted! When Vivian (Julia Roberts) first sees the amazing pear cut ruby necklace nestled in diamond hearts you can tell she’s blown away by the beauty of the piece. The rubies simply take her breath away and the passionate red of the gemstone has been known to have this effect on jewellery lovers all over the world.

Pretty Woman Ruby Necklace

The film captured the heart of hopeless romantics everywhere. If you’re looking for a particularly beautiful engagement ring then take inspiration from the movie and opt for a ruby ring. The PLATINUM 1.36CT RUBY AND DIAMOND RING is a beautiful choice that’s filled with romance. With three stones, the ruby and diamond engagement ring represents your past, present and future together as a couple, chronicling each scene of your own special movie. It’s also perfect for a July proposal with ruby being this month’s gemstone!

Is there a particular piece from the movies that stands out for you? An engagement ring that’s simply perfect or a special necklace that’s captured your imagination? Our Bespoke Design Team can help you to re-create your very own dazzling piece, worthy of the silver screen and inspired by the best jewellery from the movies.



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