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Investing in Pre-Owned OMEGA Watches

From enduring classics to coveted rarities, a Pre-Owned OMEGA timepiece will forever represent a valuable investment. Uncover the ultimate destination for acquiring your pre-owned OMEGA watch and explore the exquisite array of models adorning the collection at Laings.

Where to buy a pre-owned Omega watch?

Laings offers a curated collection of Pre-Owned OMEGA watches, showcasing the iconic models that define the brand's legacy. From the dynamic OMEGA Seamaster to the elegant OMEGA Constellation collection, watch enthusiasts are bound to find their perfect match. Benefit from finance options, complimentary UK delivery, and expert guidance from our dedicated team, simplifying your journey to owning an OMEGA timepiece.

Which Omega watch is most collectable?

The OMEGA Speedmaster is considered one of the most collectable of the brand's timepieces, with its connections to space exploration and NASA securing its worthy place as an icon of watchmaking. Laings Pre-Owned collection sees many of the renowned Speedmaster timepieces enter through its realms, including some of the series' most rare and special references. The OMEGA Speedmaster "Snoopy" commemorates the "Silver Snoopy Award" that OMEGA received in 1970 for helping to get the Apollo 13 crew safely home from space. The Snoopy timepieces are extremely sought after for their incredible story and playful design.

Is an Omega a good investment?

Like many luxury watch brands, OMEGA is a good investment to make. A wonderful aspect of acquiring these exquisite timepieces is the potential for their value to flourish over the years. As these timepieces become rarer, their allure only deepens, and they become ever more coveted by watch connoisseurs. By adding an OMEGA watch to your collection, you are not only investing in watches but continuing the story of an heirloom whose appeal only grows over time.

Which watch did James Bond wear?

The partnership between James Bond and OMEGA watches goes back decades to Pierce Brosnan’s debut as 007 in 1995's GoldenEye. James Bond has adorned several variations of the OMEGA Seamaster watch throughout the iconic film series. This timepiece made its first diving record in 1955 when it reached a depth of 62.5m. Its legacy continues to live on today and is synonymous with professional diving. Laings collection of Pre-Owned OMEGA Seamasters often circulates the iconic 007 timepieces, keep up to date with the latest additions to find your dream watch.

What watch does Prince William wear?

Despite undoubtedly having the means to amass a vast collection of luxury timepieces, Prince William remains loyal to one particular OMEGA watch. For decades, the OMEGA Seamaster 300 has adorned the wrist of the future King, first gifted to him by his late mother, Princess Diana. This timepiece exemplifies the intangible worth of a luxury watch, holding great sentimental value for years to come and serving as a cherished memento of loved ones.

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