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Create a Bespoke Engagement Ring at Laings

Laings has been home to love stories since 1840, with diamond jewellery and engagement rings at the heart of our family-run business. Our highly skilled bespoke designers and in-house goldsmiths collaborate on one-of-a-kind bespoke creations to bring your dreams to life. Here, we guide you through the process of creating a bespoke engagement ring at Laings.

1. Your Consultation

Laings recognises the beauty of bespoke design and the importance of in-house jewellery design, which is why we invite you to enjoy an in-store consultation to begin creating your bespoke engagement ring. designers are available at each of our Laings locations to explain the bespoke jewellery design process and assist in guiding you on your journey. Whether you are looking to re-imagine a family heirloom or craft a new ring from scratch, your first consultation is a chance for our designers to understand your vision. After your appointment, your personal bespoke designer will bring your ideas to life by hand sketching a range of designs for you to review. These will be discussed until you have a design that you are delighted with allowing you to move on to the next stage of the process.

2. The Design

When the initial design is complete, one of our CAD specialists will transform your sketch into a 3D render and waxwork. Every detail is meticulously evaluated to guarantee that the design is suitable for manufacturing. The process begins with a sketch, which is then transformed into a computer-aided design (CAD). This digital model is used for 3D printing in wax, providing a tangible preview of the piece. The CAD process facilitates a visual representation that helps both the client and the goldsmith to accurately envision the final piece, complete with fine materials and gemstones.

Image caption: Bespoke Engagement Ring Sketch

3. The Craft

After receiving your bespoke engagement ring design from our artists, our skilled team of goldsmiths and craftspeople will get to work crafting your special piece. Our artisans will bring your creation to life using precious metals and stones hand-selected for your bespoke design and approved by you. All our bespoke engagement rings are handcrafted in our Scottish workshops, where age-old jewellery-making techniques meet modern practices in a marriage of excellence. Once your ring has been handcrafted from your bespoke design, your creation will be sent to your local showroom for the final stages of your bespoke engagement ring journey.

Image caption: Engagement Ring Craft

4. The Presentation

Once your bespoke engagement ring has arrived at your local showroom, your personal bespoke artist will arrange an appointment with you to come and view your special piece. At this stage, you will discover the unique crafting process used to create your ring and learn about the intricate details of your design. Education is a key pillar in the bespoke design process, with our client’s confidence of the utmost importance to us. Your journey with Laings does not end when you collect your ring, we continue to you and your precious jewellery for a lifetime.

Image caption: Laings Glasgow Showroom

5. After Care 

At Laings, your experience with us doesn’t end when you leave our showroom. We pride ourselves on our excellent client service and strive to continually support our clients with our knowledge and expertise where we can. With the purchase of your bespoke engagement ring, you will receive a complimentary Laings clean, check and polish as well as 15% off the purchase of your wedding bands. For bespoke engagement rings where we have provided all the stones and the ring itself, we also provide a valuation for the ring as part of the bespoke service. Our specialist design team also include a personalised Laings bespoke card, which is autographed by the designer and the goldsmiths responsible for creating your one-of-a-kind engagement ring. It is always a good idea to maintain the cleanliness of your special ring at home to ensure that your diamond is always sparkling. You can read our guide on how to clean your jewellery at home here.

Design a Bespoke Engagement Ring at Laings.

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