Laings invites you to immerse yourself in the Chopard travelling exhibition as the iconic jewellery and watches travel through our Cardiff, Southampton, and Edinburgh showrooms. This is an opportunity to explore incredible design and craftsmanship in a display of Chopard’s jewellery from their rarest creations to their newest collections.

The Cardiff, Southampton and Edinburgh Laings showrooms where the Chopard exhibition will visit.

Happy Diamonds Collection

Laings will display the illustrious Chopard Happy Diamonds collection, which captures the essence of free spirit and creativity across their jewellery and watchmaking. The playful collection stands out in the industry, originally inspired by light, tranquillity, and free spray from a waterfall. The dancing diamonds are placed between sapphire crystals which allows them to move freely and capture optimum sparkle and brilliance.

A necklace, bangle and watch from the Chopard Happy Diamonds collection

Happy Hearts Collection

The Happy Hearts jewellery collection will also be a core feature in the exhibition. The Happy Hearts collection combines the Maison’s coloured enamel hearts with their dancing diamonds design. It was created for the woman with a big heart, to indulge herself with a beautiful piece that reflects this. These ideas combine the classic design with the fun, experimental personality of Chopard. This was again showcased last year in Chopard’s collaboration with James Bond where The Golden Hearts range was created. This was a collection for the courageous and adventurous woman. It included large and small golden hearts with the signature dancing diamond featured inside.

A pair of earrings, bangle and ring from Chopard's Happy Hearts collection.My Happy Hearts Collection

The exhibition features the new and exciting My Happy Hearts collection, released earlier this year, and adored by Happy Hearts lovers. This new extension of Happy Hearts continues to implement Chopard’s signature dancing diamonds on a smaller scale. These pieces are based on a single heart, as opposed to using several as with the original Happy Hearts collection. This intimate design reinstates the core message of the Happy Hearts collection, encouraging women to buy themselves a token single heart to celebrate one’s relationship with themselves. The smaller scale of the pieces means the wearer can be subtle in their styling, allowing for everyday wear and encouraging self-purchases for their deserving wearer.

A necklace, ring and pair of earrings from the Chopard My Happy Hearts Collection

L.U.C Collection

Laings is honoured to present the prestigious L.U.C collection, released in 1997 and named after the founder, Louis-Ulysse Chopard. The watches in this collection are world class timepieces, embodying traditional watchmaking craft, mastered with original Chopard craftsmanship, precision, and aesthetic. These are a collection of the finest, precise design elements that Chopard has to offer, truly showcasing the exceptional craft behind each piece from the assembly to the hand finishing.

A collection of Chopard L.U.C watches

Join us for the Chopard takeover of Laings showrooms in Cardiff, Southampton, and Edinburgh. The Cardiff showroom will host the exhibition from 11th-16th October, it will then travel to the Hampshire Showroom and be available from the 19th-23rd October, making its final stop at the Edinburgh showroom from 26th-6th November. Book an appointment with one of our experts for a one-to-one tour of perfect artistry and free-spirited composition.



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