In the second phase of Patek Philippe’s illustrious Watches and Wonders exhibition, the brand presents a look into the complexity of the supreme Genevan manufacture. To hear more about the launch of the exclusive collection we asked Stuart McDowell, Retail Director, and Stewart Simpson, Client Relationship Manager, for comment.

Calatrava “Clous De Paris” REF. 6119R & 6119G

Patek Philippe Watches and Wonders 2021 Calatrava "Clous De Paris"

The new Calatrava answers the missing link in the Patek Philippe collection. It’s clear that Patek Philippe have gone above and beyond with this addition, designing a whole new calibre for the model. It really is a truly beautiful watch and is a nice blend of modern aesthetics on the dial and classic stylings on the bezel.” – Stuart McDowell

“This is a fresh and contemporary interpretation of the classically elegant Calatrava model. The Clous de Paris bezel beautifully frames the window of elegant timekeeping, and the new manual wound movement is impressive.” – Stewart Simpson

4997G – Calatrava

Patek Philippe Watches and Wonders 2021 Calatrava

“The 4997 is engineered with a new automatic movement for effortless styling and wearability, harmonised with a concentric wave dial in a display of traditional craftsmanship. The watch is 35mm thick with an ultra-thin case, making it sleek and sophisticated – perfect for the modern-day woman.” – Stewart Simpson

In-line Perpetual Calendar REF. 5236P

In-line perpetual calendar

“With super precise legibility, the In-line Perpetual Calendar REF. 5236p features gradient dial fading from black to blue, adding an intriguing depth. The dial is perfectly symmetrical, creating a desired balance. The new watch features three patent applications for the in-line display module. It’s simplistic aesthetically but complex in design, and that’s something that is extremely hard to achieve and to be appreciated.” – Stewart Simpson

The In-Line Perpetual Calendar REF. 5236p is an unbelievable complication. For me, it feels natural reading the date from left to right – an accomplishment by Patek Philippe inspired its historic collection that sits within the museum in Geneva.” – Stuart McDowell

4947/1A – Complications


“This is the first annual calendar with a steel case and bracelet, including a new “shantung” (tartan-like) dial that has never been done before. Featuring a 38mm case to suit any wrist, it’s a versatile piece that will complement all looks.” – Stewart Simpson

The bracelet on the 4947 is practical and wearable, excelling in performance no matter the conditions its exposed to. This makes it the perfect choice for a lady that travels and experiences different climates.” – Stuart McDowell

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